Fall is in full swing, which means plenty of fall activities for kids are in the works. Although we enjoy the fun in the sun that summer brings, fall provides some unique family fun. From the fall leaves and hayrides to the evening fire pits and Halloween prep, autumn offers families with plenty of excitement.

Although the days are shorter and the temperature starts to drop, there are still excursions and tailgates that make the weekend’s fun and interesting. To get excited about fall, here are child friendly activities that offer plenty of family fun!

Fall Activities for Kids that Unite the Family


For many people, fall is their favorite season. Although, it isn’t summer, we still enjoy fall activities because they provide family fun. Fall is a unique time of year. The leaves start to change and eventually fall, but the sun still provides plenty of warmth for weekend getaways.

Nature Walk


The warm day and crisp nights only last a few weeks. Take the family for a nature walk and embrace the fall weather. For more family activities, then Natural Beach Living offers 30 days of fall fun!

“As the days get cooler and the leaves start to change colors around us, I am reminded of the beauty of simply being in nature. That is why I am hoping to get in as many fall activities with the kids as possible. I’ve realized before we even know it the beautiful autumn days will turn cold and all of the leaves will drop.”

Bring Pie to Neighbor


If your summer was filled with cookouts and get-togethers with your neighbors, then build on that community attitude and bring a pie to your neighbor. Don’t worry if the pie is homemade or store bought, the gesture is more than enough to develop a neighborhood bond. Woman’s Day shares other fall bonding activities as well.

Painted Acorns


Acorns! If your home or neighborhood swells with acorns this time of year, then grab a bag and plan a simple fall activity with the kids. Home Stories A to Z shares how to paint acorns with the kids.

“Step 1: Place acorns on foil-lined cookie sheet and bake at 170* for a few hours. I baked mine for about two hours just to be sure everything was good and dead. One acorn cracked and was a bit burnt looking but the rest came out looking good.

Step 2: Use acrylic craft paints and a paint brush to paint your acorns. Brush strokes will make a difference in the acorns’ appearance so brush with the grain of the nut. I didn’t remove my caps in order to paint them. A few caps had fallen off, and I used hot glue to reattach them. I found the acorns much easier to paint with caps intact. I have a TON of acrylic paint in my craft room and used different shades of green, blue, orange, and gold on my acorns. I didn’t bother giving any of the acorns two coats of paint but you might want to if you prefer a more opaque look.”

Leaf Hunt


If one thing makes fall in New England stand out, it’s the leaves. Embrace the fall spirit and create a leaf hunt with the kids. This Little Home of Mine shares how to plan the perfect weekend activity.

“I began by printing, cutting, and laminating the red, orange, yellow, and green leaf cards! You wouldn’t have to laminate them, but I wanted to protect them a bit, so we could use them again next year! Once the cards were ready to go, I clipped them to individual brown paper sacks, and we ventured out to our back yard where lots of leaves could be found! I turned my kiddos loose searching for leaves of all different colors! They loved running around…picking up leaves…bringing them to me…and helping me decide in which bag their leaf should go!"

Scavenger Hunt


The next iteration of a leaf hunt is a scavenger hunt. If your child is active and likes to explore the yard, then take a lesson from Raising Seraphim and include the collection of items as part of the hunt!

“As you walk through your neighborhood, park or walking path, point out some of the items that are on the key and ask your child to find them. As they find them and pick them up, have them place the item in the box. Fill your box with fall goodies! I am sure your box will become overfilled in no time. Allow your kids to add things they find that aren't on the list. This is their discovery time! At the end of the day, go through your box and talk about how some of them are tell-tale signs that fall is coming or that it is here. Use this as an educational opportunity.”

Leaf Painting


Obviously, we have no shortage of leaves in the fall, which means there is no shortage of leaf-related activities. Depending on the crispness of the leaves, try leaf painting on a long afternoon. In fact, leaf painting is a great follow up activity to a scavenger hunt or nature walk!

“We have been really enjoying our walks around the neighborhood lately. With all of the beautiful colored leaves and the perfect weather we have been having, it is such a wonderful time of year! During a recent walk we saw the most amazing red colored leaves, so we grabbed a bunch to take home and had a lot of fun with this simple painting activity.”

Simply gather the leaves during a walk or scavenger hunt and tape them to some painting paper. Next, get out the paint (like any other day) and have the kids paint over the leaves. Finally, when they are done, then you’ll have a leaf painting to show off!

Mason Jar Lights


Mason jars provide plenty of fun activities. As the sun starts to set earlier every day, then these mason jar lights help illuminate the yard! Where Imagination Grows shares the simple steps to create this useful art project.

These fall luminaries are a fun twist on a simple craft. To create this craft, then you’ll need some mason jars, mod podge, fall colored tissue paper, construction paper, paint brush and candle. Simply decorate the outside of the mason jar with fall themes. Add the candle at the end and you have a nice light!

Apple Tree Crafts


Apples are part of fall like apple pie is part of summer. However, if you don’t have time for traditional apple picking, then Crafty Morning shares an indoor version of apple planting!

“To embrace the fall season, have your kids make this beautiful fall tree craft using a toilet paper roll and paint! It’s very easy for younger kids to do but may need assistance cutting the TP rolls. Materials Needed: toilet paper roll, paints/paintbrush, paper, fall tree sheets, tape and scissors. Start by cutting an empty toilet paper roll down the middle and cutting more so that it makes a small leaf shape. Bend the edges to get the corners pointy and tape it together.”

Alternatively, Inner Child Fun shares how to hold indoor apple picking in your home. It might not be as fun as the real thing, but it might be necessary if any rain disrupts the plans.

Leaf Suncatcher


We want as much sun as possible. Pick an overcast day to create a fall suncatcher and wait for the sun to shine! The fall offers some vibrant colors, so a sun-filled day is a beautiful sight.

“Here's what you'll need to make one of your own suncatcher. Scissors, ribbon, contact paper, embroidery hoop, twine, a handful of leaves. To make the suncatcher: Cut contact paper to size. Peel the backing off, lay down on work surface with sticky side up, place inside part of embroidery hoop on top. Press leaves onto the contact paper, with front sides down. Cut another piece of contact paper and place on top, sandwiching the leaves. Press contact paper firmly together, smoothing out as you go. Push tightly against the hoop and around the outside edges as well. Add the outer part of the hoop to front of your inside hoop. Tighten screw and trim contact paper edges. Add a loop of twine to use for hanging. Tie ribbon around the screw for decoration.”

Fall Activities for Kids to Feast

feasting is one of many fall activities for kids

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, fall is a great time to feast. Find some of our favorite fall activities that help the family feast this season.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a New England tradition. Take the family and head to the nearest orchard for some fun this weekend because there isn’t anything quite like a freshly picked apple.

Visit the Pumpkin Patch and Hayrides

Pumpkin season is here. Embrace it. Head to the nearest pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins! While you are at it, then enjoy a hayride. Obviously, you can feast on some pumpkin pie as a reward!

Tailgate Time


Fall is tailgate season because football is at the heart of the fall sporting season. And nothing says football like tailgating. Even if you can’t get to the big game, you can enjoy the essentials from home. If you don’t have a grill or simply want to upgrade to host your friends and family, then NAMCO has you covered. We offers an array of grills that are right for any yard.

Fall Activities for Kids to Get Ready for Halloween

It goes without saying, but the highlight of the fall is Halloween. For many of us, Halloween still brings out the inner child. Find some Halloween activities for the kids and make the most of the season!

Pumpkin Slime


Halloween and slime bring out the kids in all of us. Take notes on this fun fall activity from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

“Slime is one of our favorite play materials. It is easy to make and SO FUN! Whenever we whip up a new batch of slime or silly putty and play, there is always lots of laughing along the way. Today, we created a new slime recipe perfect for Fall. This slime is oOey and goOey, and it smells just like pumpkin pie. Rosie and Jewel loved squishing and creating with this amazing play material.”

Ready to make your own. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Checkers


Picking pumpkins is a great fall activity, however, you end up with a lot of pumpkins. Kid Friendly Things To Do offers a great alternative to letting them rot and waste away on the front step. Find some outdoor tables and tape (or paint) some lines to create tic-tac-toe or even checkers. Have the kids play their favorite games moving the pumpkins as pieces!

Pumpkin Stomp


As young adults, we may have played pumpkin stomp, but this is a child friendly version. Delia Creates shares a safe, fun game that the kids will enjoy. After all, there is candy involved! Simply find some orange balloons and blow them up with some candy. Let the kids stomp them and find their treats!

“Be sure the candy is small enough to fit through the neck of the balloon. I used Dubble Bubble (the berry variety is allergy friendly, original is not) and it was a tight fit, but still worked. I knew that if it got stomped on it would still survive.”

Pumpkin Volcano


For a more active child, then create a pumpkin volcano! The Resourceful Mama shares the directions because this takes some prep work.

“Ahead of time, cut the top off the pumpkin and clean the outside of the pumpkin out like you would do when preparing to carve a pumpkin. Gather all your supplies and place them nearby. Drop a heaping amount of baking soda into the pumpkin. We didn’t really measure the ingredients, but added about a cup of baking soda to our medium sized pumpkin. When you combine baking soda and vinegar a chemical reaction occurs that releases carbon dioxide. The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a base while the vinegar (acetic acid) is an acid. When they react together they form carbonic acid, which breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide, and creates fizzing as it escapes.”

Pumpkin Planters


If you want to get some use out of your pumpkin this year, then create a planter with the kids. Garden Therapy offers the simple steps to create your jack-o-plantern!

“Cut the top off your pumpkin to make a hole in the top. If it is fairly empty, then you don’t need to spend a bunch of time scooping it out. I removed the seeds and roasted them and left the rest of the junk in there. It will all compost together in the end anyhow. Use you marker to draw a face on the best side of the pumpkin and use the knife carve out the holes.

Now add some soil to the bottom of the pumpkin. You can use a container mix soil, although I just used SEA SOIL original which is pure compost. I found that my plants had quite a bit of container soil in them and I didn’t really need to add much more in the way of peat moss or perlite. Contrary to typical container planting instructions, you really want to pack the soil down at the bottom to create some firm areas where the plants can sit. These planters will not last long enough for the roots to struggle and will have lots of moisture and organic matter from the pumpkin itself. I also don’t think drainage holes are necessary but add them if you choose.”

What are your favorite fall activities for kids? We’d love to hear them. Please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!