Unfortunately, every year summer ends. The sun filled days and relaxing evenings end. The freedom to explore and adventure are replaced with work and school. As the calendar flips to the autumn season, then we remember, fall isn’t that bad.

And don’t forgot about those leaves!

From fabulous food to comfy clothes, there are plenty of things that we enjoy during the fall. Although the days are shorter and the temperature starts to drop, there are still excursions and tailgates that make the weekend's fun and interesting.

How to Tell the Autumn Season is Here!

To get excited about fall, remember all the ways we know it’s the autumn season and the things we can look forward to over the next few months!

1. Autumn Leaves

There is no great way to know we are in the midst of the autumn season than watching our leaves. In New England, we are spoiled by the beauty of our towns and cities during autumn. Head out for a nice weekend drive with the family or simply walk through the center of town to experience the orange hues and fall tones of Mother Nature.

2. Crisp, Clean Air


You know autumn is here when you can smell the clean, crisp air. We love the summer sun, but the smell is different in the fall. Life provides enough mayhem, so enjoy the beauty outside and relax when (or if) you find a moment to yourself. Open the windows, take a deep breath and unwind!

3. Nights by the Fire


Plus, with the cool, crisp air, autumn presents wonderful nights by the fire. Nothing sets autumn apart like a nice afternoon outside (although probably raking or doing yard work) followed by a fire pit with some friends and family to wind down the day.

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4. Fall Foods


From stews and chili to casseroles and mac ‘n cheese mixtures, autumn is a great time of year to eat! All of the summer veggies meld together with our favorite foods in the slow cooker to create magical dishes that everyone in the family will love.

5. Fall Fashion

Sweats and scarves mean autumn. The fall fashion is a sign that we’ve made it to the autumn season because our clothes focus on comfort. Autumn temperatures are too cold for shorts, yet we don’t need to bundle up for winter. Although we can’t go swimming, we can throw on our favorite sweaters, sweatshirts and sweatpants as we go about our day!

6. Apple Picking


The fresh fruits are one of the wonderful things about summer. Well, apple picking takes the baton and provides a great family fun activity. Plus, there is something about freshly picked apples in a homemade apple pie that screams AUTUMN!

7. Playing in Leaves


The kid in all of us still enjoys a little play time. We enjoy the beauty of the leaves changing colors as the autumn season approaches. Although we inevitably hate those weekend afternoons raking the leaves, we smile in the comfort of watching the kids play in them. It isn’t autumn without a little fun playing in the leaves!

8. New TV shows

Yes, autumn offers some terrific weather and great outdoor activities. From biking and walking to relaxing drives, but the fall brings one thing that drags us inside. Our favorite TV shows return from summer break. We can unwind after a long day in the office with some new shows and reconnect with our favorite characters!

9. Halloween Is Around the Corner

Many people love Halloween. Why not? It is a chance to dress up and remember that a kid lives inside all of us. As the calendar flips to fall, we know the holiday season is around the corner and Halloween is only a few weeks away. Plus, there is candy!

10. Tailgate Time

Football is at the heart of the fall sporting season. And nothing says football like a classic tailgating experience. Even if you can’t get to the big game, you can enjoy the essentials from home. Grab some friends, dress in team gear to support the squad and grill some burgers to make the most of any weekend afternoon.

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