Winter Covers

One of the most important responsibilities a pool owner has is properly closing their pool in the fall. Closing your pool properly will not only help to protect your pool from the winter elements, it will also make your spring pool opening cleaner, quicker, and easier. For both above ground and inground pools, it is imperative that you choose the correct sized cover for your pool. If your pool cover is too large, wind can get underneath causing damage to the cover, and exposing your pool to the winter elements. If your cover is too small, it could fall into the pool from the weight of snow, ice, or water. On above ground pools, if your cover is too tight, the weight of snow and ice on top of the cover can stress the frame of the pool causing permanent damage. We carry a wide variety of winter pool covers for above ground and inground pools.

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Winter Accessories

Using the correct winter accessories when you close your pool goes a long way in protecting your pool and pool equipment and from the harsh elements of winter. Properly sealing off components like your skimmer and return lines with plugs will prevent ice damage and save you time and money when it is time to open your pool. A cover pump should be used to remove any unwanted water from the top of your cover, relieving stress on the cover, extending its lifespan. From water bags to cover clips, we have every winter accessory you will need!

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Winter Chemicals

Adding the right dosage of winterizing chemicals to your pool before closing will help to prevent algae from growing over the winter. This will also keep your pool clean during the winter, and make your spring opening much easier. Purchase one of our Winter Closing Kits that are pre-measured for your pool size to take all the guess work out of winterizing your pool.

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Pool Closing Guidelines

Properly closing your pool as the cold weather approaches is one of the most important procedures to follow as a pool owner. The purpose of properly closing your pool for the winter is to protect it from damage that can occur when the pool water freezes, as well as protect it from the elements that come with winter weather. You will also save yourself a lot of time and work when it comes time to open in the spring. Here are a few steps to follow that will make your pool closing as easy as possible.

Balance the Water

A few days before you plan on closing your pool, bring your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness to the correct levels.  Super shock your pool to raise your chlorine level to 10-12 ppm (parts per million).  Allow the chlorine level to come down to a normal level (1-3 ppm), before adding any winterizing chemicals or algicides.  If you are having trouble balancing your pool water, bring a water sample to your local Namco store to have your pool water tested. 

Remove Accessories

It is important to remove all accessories before you close your pool.  This includes pool alarms, vacuums, slides, ladders, cleaning equipment, chemical feeders, and anything else that should not be in the pool. 

Clean your Pool & Filter

Get your pool as clean as possible before closing, it will only save you time and money when it is time to open it in the spring.  Scoop as any loose debris at the pool bottom.  Brush and vacuum your pool one final time before you close.  Once this process is finished, backwash and clean your filter following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Drain and Clean your Pool Equipment

Your pool pump, filter, chlorinator, and heater all have a drain plug.  It is important to drain water out of all of your pool equipment, as damage can occur if water remains inside and freezes during the winter.  If you have a cartridge or D.E filter, now is a great time to clean the internal elements before you store the filter.  If possible, bring your pump and filter indoors for the winter to avoid the threat for any winter damage.  Drain and empty any chemical feeders as well.  Leaving chemicals in chemical feeders and chlorinators for the winter can cause the chemicals to corrode your equipment.

Cover your Pool

It is now time to cover your pool.  For a more in-depth guide on closing your pool, see our closing guide for inground and above ground pools.

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