Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Above Ground Vert. Discharge Pump

When you want to dip in the pool right now, you need an efficient, simple pump. Try Waterways Hi-Flo II, for quick installation, high-volume output and all-weather performance. No matter the size of your pool, or whether its a new installation or replacement, Waterways Hi-Flo II is the simple pump to keep your above ground pool ready for splashing and fun.
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1 Year Limited

Model Number: WW 340-9020
Horsepower: 1
Connection Size: 1 1/2"
Compatible With: Above Ground Pools
Voltage: 115v
Warranty: 1 Year

How Does the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Perform?

With 115 volts and 1.0 HP, this 1-speed pump can pump any size above ground pool Waterway’s impeller design maintains optimum pressure and delivers high-volume output to keep your pool crystal clear The pump has a vertical discharge and is best for systems already set-up for vertical discharge pumps The intake connection has 1 ½” union threads and 1 ½” FPT (female pipe taper) The discharge connection has 2” union threads and 1 ½” FPT

How Do You Install the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II?

The wet end of the pump rotates to make installation easy Measure the pump, then make space where you plan to place it (on the patio block) Place the pool pump, ensuring it is level. Connect the skimmer and pump with a length of hose Connect the return output and the filter’s return end with another length of hose Make sure all connections are tight Plug in pump with 3’ Twist-Lock cord and start it up If you see any leaks, turn off the pump, tighten connections, and turn it back on Consult the manual for more details.

Does the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Need Maintenance?

The Waterway Hi-Flo is designed for all-weather performance, it has a durable corrosion-proof housing which is made from fiberglass filed resin.

You will need to clean the basket, but the clear lid lets you see how much the basket has collected.

With a one-year warranty, the Waterway Hi-Flo II is a simple, economical choice for any size above ground pool. The one-speed pump with a rotating wet end makes everything simple. Order this pump now, so you can get in the pool faster.

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