Utopia Above Ground Pool

The Utopia pool combines injection molded resin top and bottom rails with steel uprights and walls to create a hybrid above ground pool with a high level of structural strength and corrosion resistance. Its 7” resin top rails and 5 ½” steel uprights provide the support needed to last many years, and its high strength steel wall is galvanized for corrosion protection. The Victoria uses a 3-piece, high-impact resin top cover and a full resin bottom rail to protect the areas where corrosion is most likely to occur.

All online pools include pool, liner and in-wall skimmer kit.


  • 52” High Steel Wall
  • 7” Wide injection-molded resin top ledges
  • 5 ½”” Steel uprights coated with Texture-Kote protective finish for superior all-weather protection
  • Resin bottom track, bottom plates, and foot collars to prevent corrosion where it is most likely to occur
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails for extra strength

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Utopia 52" Deep Above Ground Pool
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Utopia Above Ground Pool
Utopia Above Ground Pool

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    Emerald Tile Beaded Liner
    Pool liners are an integral component of your pool. Without a properly functioning pool liner you may experience leaking, unclean water or unbalanced pH levels. Pool liners also contribute to the appearance of your pool as the pattern and color will be the first thing that is noticeable about your pool. The Emerald Tile Liner accompanies the Wilbar Utopia 52” Deep Above Ground Pool to make it both visually appealing and highly functional. The color and design provides a beautiful look for the interior of your pool. Additionally, the Emerald Tile Liner offers a beaded design so that you will not see any liner overlap on the exterior of the pool. This feature creates a polished looking finish.

    Rugged 2-piece Railcaps & 8” Wide Steel Vertical Post
    While railcaps and posts serve a more functional than aesthetic purpose, it is important that they are high quality products for the longevity of your pool. The railcaps and posts will hold your frame and top rail in place to ensure that your pool is sturdy and built to withstand many years of enjoyment. The Wilbar Utopia 52” Deep Above Ground Pool uses two-piece rail caps and steel posts that combine to create a durable piece of equipment that is built to last and look great. You can experience peace of mind knowing that your pool is well supported with these rugged materials.

    Radial Resin 7” Top Rail and Exclusive 52” Iris Steel Wall
    Pool walls are typically made of steel so that they are durable and strong in order to last many years. The top rail, held down by the rail caps, is used to seal the wall off to avoid sharp edges and give the pool a polished look. A resin top rail and iris steel wall support the Wilbar Utopia 52” Deep Above Ground Pool to ensure it is sturdy and built to last. The latest injection molding techniques are used on the resin top rail and on the wall posts to give these products a distinct advantage.


    • Height: 52”
    • Top Ledge: 7” Resin
    • Upright: Steel
    • Bottom Rail: Resin
    • Stabilizer: Steel
    • Bottom Plate: Resin
    • Top Plate: Resin
    • Ledge Cover: Resin
    • Structure Color: Soho/Silver Brushed
    • Oval System: Buttresses (YM)
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