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Pool Ownership

Here at Namco we want to make your pool installation as easy as possible. With our long history in the pool business we have developed partnerships with the best licensed and insured pool installers your area has to offer. From connecting you to one of these recommended installers to helping you finance your pool installation, Namco is here to help. To get you started we have answered a few of the most common questions our customers ask. You can always stop by your local Namco store and talk to one of our knowledgeable associates. 

Click here to view your towns permitting information.

Do I have to have a permit for an above ground pool?

  • - All above ground pools require a permit.
  • - If you are replacing a pool and you already have a permit for the existing structure your permit may still be valid. Please consult your towns building department for verification.

Where do I get my permit?

  • - Your town or city building and zoning department will issue any and all permits for your property.
  • - Much of the information needed can usually be found on your town or city website

What will/can happen if I don't pull a permit for my pool?

  • - We can NOT install your pool without your permit in hand permit.
  • - If your town discovers that you did not pull a permit you may be subject to fines and they may make you remove the entire pool structure.

Why am I being charged additional fees by my installer?

  • - The following reasons can not be determined at the store and as such can only be determined on site.
  • - If you're being charged additional fees for installation this may be due to the following reasons.
    • - Your site is more than 6" out of level. See your contract for rates.
    • - Additional equipment is needed. (ex. backhoe, bobcat, etc. )
    • - Additional items to be installed beyond that of the standard installation. (Typical items in standard install: pool, liner, filter, motor, in wall skimmer kit, chlorinator)
    • - You are located more than 25 miles from the store. See your contract for rates.
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