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How to Open Your Pool for the Summer

The temperature is steadily rising and the days are getting longer, which means summer is rapidly approaching. Here at NAMCO, we live in pool season year long, so we are very excited to provide a guide on how to open a pool for the summer.

As you plan to open your pool, then there are a few things to do as preparation to save time and energy once you start the process. Opening a pool is an annual occurrence (for those living in the Northeast), so it is a great time to conduct an annual check up on your supplies and equipment. Like taking care of most things, conducting preventative maintenance on your pool will help save money over the long term.

Plus, if anything needs to be fixed or replaced, then it is good to know at the beginning of the season. And, there should be some nice sales at the start of the pool season. 

Prep Work and Preventative Maintenance

First, consult your pool owner’s manual for exact specifications or variations. However, the general preventative measures should be pretty consistent across all varieties of pools. The basis of preventative pool maintenance includes checking existing equipment and safety precautions to ensure no damage was done over the winter. In the Northeast, due to the exceptionally long and difficult winter, this is an important step.

Prior to completing the annual upkeep and preventative maintenance, then review the inventory of materials needed to open and maintain your pool over the summer. To open your pool, then you’ll need some basics that include equipment, notably the pool cover pump, pool opening chemicals to prep the water, supplies such as winter cover cleaner and accessories like brooms or skimmers.

Next, check the foundation of your pool and general system equipment. Nobody wants a leaky pool, so as your begin to ready your pool for the summer, then check the water level at the beginning of the process to ensure there is not a leak as your work on the pool over the next day or so.  If you are opening an above ground pool, then this step helps confirm no winter damage was done to your pool over the winter.

Following this step, check your system equipment such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting and replacing component parts. Additionally, check for pressure leaks that may result in pipes or equipment blowing apart.

Finally, there are some basic safety hazards related to the electrical equipment and general safety. During this time, check for broken conduits or connectors, lack of proper grounding/bonding and exposed wires. Additionally, look around the pool area and ensure there are no tripping or slipping hazards. Other safety precautions include confirming the gates and/or doors around the pool are locked and/or alarmed. Also, think about your yard’s summer hotspots and double check that any natural barriers like shrubs or trees are not prohibiting the view of your pool. If so, then take some time to trim the shrubs or tree limbs to ensure there is a clear view of the pool from your house and other main seating areas of your yard.

After reviewing your current stock of pool equipment and supplies, then consider replacing any old, expired or broken items.

Now, you are ready to open your pool! 

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