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The summer is just starting and you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Your outdoor space can be naturally beautiful, and you can add to that beauty with complimentary colors, furniture, and accessories. With our design tips, you can set up an outdoor space prime for relaxing and entertaining - all summer long!

Design Basics

If you have a deck, patio or backyard - you can create an outdoor room. 


The key to defining an outdoor room is creating ‘structure.’ Using structural elements like bamboo walls, screen tents, curtains, and plants can add more definition to your outdoor space. For color, use mums and asters - but don’t forget all the perennials that are excellent for container gardens such as ivy, ornamental grasses, coral bells, sedum, and others. Plants can be used to create a sense of division between living areas while also adding to the design. 

Patio furniture is one area of your outdoor room that you don’t want to skimp on. The comfort, durability, and aesthetics that come with well-made patio furniture are worth it! No amount of decoration can fix a broken or worn down patio set. 

Lighting is another basic element of a well designed outdoor room. Enjoy the natural light by day and extend the outdoor fun into the evening with lighting. From tiki lights to professional lighting, there is a range of lighting possibilities to add both function and ambiance. Accessorize for a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor space and also change with the seasons without having to invest in new furniture. With the wide range of outdoor pillows, cushions, candles, and summer decorations you can completely transform a space you will love and enjoy all summer long.

Choosing Your Colors:

For inspiration, just look outside your window! You can give your patio an instant makeover with new pillows in earthy, Autumn hues. In summer, pastel blues, pinks and yellows are a popular choice, but nothing says Fall more than earthy browns, red, and oranges. Here are some popular Fall color combinations to get you inspired:




The fun part - accessorizing!

To keep your guests entertained, consider adding a fire element. Not only will a fire pit or heat lamps add natural lighting, they will give you more options to grill your favorite foods over a natural wood fire. This a nice decorative touch too! Are you ready to start? Head over to Namco to see what Summer specials we have going on right now to help you with your decorating needs!

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