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Have you been thinking about purchasing a pool recently? If so, now is the perfect time! But you might be asking, is my yard right for a pool? Most of the time the answer is YES, your yard is right for a pool! Purchasing and installing a pool is an investment, but worth it if the pool fits your needs and lifestyle.

In order to determine the right pool for your yard, there are a couple of factors to consider.


Who are the primary pool users and how often will they use the pool?

When it comes to choosing a pool, many people desire a “big pool” with the assumption that “bigger is better”. While not a bad idea, making the decision on pool size should be based off who and how often the users will be in the pool. Most kids will say they want a bigger pool, but they really just want to swim and typically will not turn down swimming because a pool is too small.

For reference, Namco offers pools that range from 12 feet to 33 feet wide, which will accommodate virtually any outdoor space.



What about room for a patio and play space in the yard?

Do you and your family enjoy outdoor activities like soccer or volleyball? Do you have pets that run around the yard? The right size pool also means the right size patio and yard space to ensure that you have enough yard space for both the pool and these activities.

In addition, some above ground pool owners build decks around the pool, which will eliminate a lot of yard space and must be carefully taken into account. Sizes of decks can range and are usually customized to fit your specific yard's dimensions.



What shape pool fits your yard?

The primary shapes of above ground pools sold are either round or oval. To determine the best shape pool, consider the shortest dimension of your yard.

For a round pool to fit, there should be a couple of feet on both sides of the yard so that you can walk around the perimeter of the pool.

Oval pools are ideal for small rectangular yards (plus, they are great for swimming laps). Keep in mind that oval pools require support legs installed along the length of the pool, so add about 5-6 feet of additional width to the original dimensions.


How do I incorporate a pool into my yard?

Determining how you want the look and feel of your yard with a new pool is just as important as deciding the shape and size. Things like landscaping, lights, paths and other accessories are only a few ways you can finish off your dream swimming pool. Here are a few other tips and tricks to consider.

  • Place a 3-5 foot border of decorative rock/gravel over a weed barrier around the outside of the pool walls to create a clean look and eliminate dead turf or weeds.
  • Plant a screen of tall evergreens on one or two sides of the pool creates privacy from neighbors and/or passers-by on the street and establishes a more pleasant swimming environment.
  • Transform the pool space with some patio blocks or deck to create a cohesive and productive area.
  • Lighting in and/or around the pool allows you to use the pool at night for entertaining or personal enjoyment.
  • Pool accessories such as safety railings, ladders, pool covers and locked gates add to the overall safety and enjoyment.

Also, it is important to check your local zoning and building ordinance requirements, because it may be necessary to fence in your pool as part of your legal duty.

What are your favorite landscaping and pool tricks to show off your yard? Please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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