Trinity Above Ground Pool

Our Trinity swimming pool provides out-of-sight styling and quality components. It’s 6” resin top rails and 7 ½” uprights were made using an injection molding process for superior strength and preservation over time. The Trinity’s top rails feature channels designed to capture water, making the rails less slippery when entering or exiting the pool. With uprights inspired by museum pillars, and rounded top rail caps, the Trinity pool offers incredible contemporary finishes while providing a durable, beautiful above ground pool.

All online pools include pool, liner and in-wall skimmer kit.


  • 6” Wide Curved top ledges provide outstanding rigidity
  • 7 1/2” Reinforced uprights with embossed patterns stabilize top seats while providing harmonious designs
  • Synflex resin bottom rails with exterior shield provides strength and style while locking the pool wall in place. Outside surface of the rails prevent the wall from coming out when the ground heaves
  • 1-1/4” top tracks safely secure the liner in position and stabilize the wall to ensure constant circular orientation.
  • 2-Piece ledge covers perfectly adjust to the upright heads while keeping the pools circular orientation

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Trinity 52" Deep Above Ground Pool
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Trinity Above Ground Pool
Trinity Above Ground Pool

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    Mystery Gold Beaded Liner
    Pool liners are an integral component of your pool. Without a pool liner that’s in good condition you may experience leaks in your liner, unclean water or unbalanced pH levels. Pool liners also contribute to the appearance of your pool and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

    Due to the beaded design of the Mystery Gold Liner, you will not see any liner overlap on the exterior of the pool. The Mystery Gold Beaded Liner compliments the champagne colored structure to provide a beautiful look for the interior of your pool.

    Rugged 2-piece Railcaps & 6” Wide Resin Vertical Post
    Railcaps and posts are an important pool component and it’s important to ensure they’re both made from high quality materials to ensure the longevity of your pool. Railcaps and posts hold your frame and top rail in place to ensure that your pool is sturdy and built to withstand weather and years of use.

    The resin frame of the Trinity 52” Deep Above Ground Pool offers a contemporary design while also providing protection where corrosion is most likely to occur. This extra protection ensures that the Trinity Above Ground pool will serve you for many years.

    Linear Resin 6” Top Rail and Exclusive 52” Trinity Steel Wall
    Pool walls are typically made of steel so that they are durable and strong in order to last many years. The top rail, held down by the railcaps, is used to seal the wall off to protect swimmers form sharp edges and give the pool a finished look.

    The Trinity 52” Deep Above Ground Pool features the latest injection molding techniques on the resin for the top rails and wall posts. These techniques both provide a visually appealing and contemporary finish. The top rails have channels to capture water and increase safety by making the rail less slippery when entering and exiting the pool.


    • Height: 52″
    • Top Ledge: 6” Resin
    • Upright: 6″ Resin
    • Bottom Rail: Resin
    • Stabilizer: Resin
    • Bottom Plate: Resin
    • Top Plate: Resin
    • Ledge Cover: 2 Pcs
    • Structure Color: Champagne
    • Oval System: Buttresses (YM)
    • Panel: Aluminum Panel (matches wall pattern)
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