Staycation Program

Namco Knows That Every Dollar Counts. Our Staycation Club Will Help You Save More With Each Purchase.

Program Rules and Regulations:

Reward Staycation Reward Club Dollars

  • Earn (1) one Staycation Rewards Club Dollar for every $1 of chemical merchandise you purchase.
    • Earn (½) one half Staycation Rewards Club Dollar for every $1 of merchandise you purchase, excluding chemicals.
    • Purchases of any order in excess of $700 or more are worth 300 Staycation Rewards Club Dollars and are eligible for a $25 coupon.
    • Once you accumulate 300 Reward Club Dollars, you’ll earn a $25 coupon.
    • Staycation Reward Club Dollars will not be awarded for delivery, installation, warranty sales and sales tax.
    • Staycation Reward Club Dollars may take at least two weeks to be processed and credited.
    • The Staycation Reward Club Dollar value of returned merchandise (on which Staycation Reward Club Dollars were earned at the time of purchases) will be deducted from the Staycation Reward Club Dollars in customer’s Staycation Rewards Club card account. If customer has already received a Staycation Reward Club coupon based on such deducted Staycation Reward Club Dollars, then the Staycation Reward Club Dollar values of such returned merchandise will be carried forward to reduce Staycation Reward Club Dollars earned in the future.
    • Staycation Reward Club Dollars have no cash value.

Additional Conditions

  • To receive Staycation Reward Club Dollars, customer must present customer’s Staycation Rewards Club card or give the associate their phone number each time customer makes a purchase.
  • Customer is responsible for notifying Namco customer service department of any change of address and email address.
  • Staycation Reward Club coupons may be used toward the future purchase of any Namco store merchandise. The Staycation Rewards Club coupons may not be redeemed for cash. Staycation Reward coupons will be valid for at least (3) three months from the date of issuance and must be used with customer’s Staycation Rewards Club card. Staycation Reward coupons are not valid towards the purchase of gift cards or gift certificates. If the purchase is less than the value of the Staycation Rewards coupon being used, no change will be given. Lost, stolen or expired Staycation Reward coupons will not be replaced.
  • Namco may, at any time, terminate the Staycation Rewards Club program or change the program rules, regulations, benefits or conditions of participation, in whole or in part, without notice or further obligation to program members. However, coupons earned prior to any such termination or change in rules will be honored.
  • By participating in the Staycation Rewards Club Program you will be added to our customer list. To learn about how we use and handle your information, please visit our Privacy and Security Policy at the Namco’s website or call customer service Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at 860-649-3666 to request a copy of our privacy policy or these Program rules and regulations.
  • The Staycation Rewards Club program is only available at participating Namco store locations.
  • By signing up, the customer will be receiving correspondence and promotional offers from Namco.
  • Customers can terminate their membership in the club at any time, if they wish to stop receiving email promotions.
  • Any term or condition above which is prohibited by law will not be effective or binding.

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