Diamond Elite 24' Round Winter Pool Cover

Diamond Elite 24' Round Winter Pool Cover

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Our Diamond Elite Winter Covers are manufactured with a laminated polyethylene sheet woven with a high-quality, heavy stitching that provides superior strength and durability.  The high weave count on our covers prevent tearing, increase the cover’s lifespan, and provide maximum resistance to UV rays.  Properly closing your pool will make your spring pool opening clean and simple.  Our covers will keep your pool free of dirt, debris, and leaves, while preventing algae growth over the winter months.

Cover Specifications:

  • Blue cover with black bottom
  • 7x7 Scrim per square inch
  • Every cover comes with a true 3 ft overhang
  • Both sides of the cover have 3oz lamination for increased lifespan and UV resistance
  • Covers are woven with high-density polyethylene stitching
  • Coated cable and cable winch are included

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 years (1 year full) – Warranty covers seam separation only.  Tears, punctures, excessive abrasion, pest damage, and winter damage are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


The following guide is applicable for above ground pools that use salt water or chlorine.

Prior to Closing
Several days before you close your pool, test the water for chlorine, alkalinity, and pH.  Having your chemicals properly balanced before closing will prevent scale build-up and corrosion during the winter months.

Step 1 – Perform a Complete Inspection.
It is important to perform a complete inspection before closing your pool for the winter.

  • Finding Leaks – It is important to make sure your pool is not leaking before closing.  If a leak goes undetected during the winter, serious structural damage can occur.  Keep an eye out for any evidence of leaking during the fall, winter, and spring months.
  • Check the Liner – inspect your liner for leaks.  Any small leaks can be repaired with a vinyl patch kit.  Make sure the liner is still properly attached at the top of the pool wall. 
  • Inspect all Joints & Screws – Ensure all bolts and screws are tight.  Make sure the pool wall has not slipped from the bottom rail, and that all frame joints are fitting together properly.
  • Check for Rust – It is a good idea to check the metal parts of your pool for rust a few times a year.  The skimmer area is the most common area for rust to form on an above ground pool.  If rust or corrosion is found, immediate action should be taken.  Wire brush away any rust, add a coat of enamel primer, and a coat of color matching anti-rust enamel paint.  Paint any scratches with anti-rust paint.

Step 2 – Add Closing Chemicals
Add your closing chemicals, following the manufacturer’s directions.  Leave time for the chemicals to circulate before shutting down the pump and filter.

Step 3 - Lower the Water Level – In an above ground pool, you should lower the water level about 6 inches below the skimmer opening.  Do not plug the skimmer drain hole that is located at the bottom of the skimmer.  Remove all hoses that are attached to the skimmer and return jets.  Leave the skimmer attached to the pool and make sure the lid is on the skimmer.  Do not let water freeze in the skimmer, as it will expand and could damage the skimmer box.

Step 4 – Prepare your Pump & Filter – Disconnect all hoses from your pump and filter.  Drain all of the water out of the pump basket, as well as the filter tank.  It is wise to bring both the pump and filter indoors for the winter month to avoid damage from the elements.

Step 5 – Install your Winter Cover – It is now time to cover your pool.  Ensure your cover is in good condition with no holes or tears.  Install your ice equalizer pillow, using string to secure it in place.  Center your winter cover over the pool and feed the cable through the gromet holes.  Secure the wire using a cable winch.