Hayward EC40 Above Ground D.E. Filter

Hayward EC40 Above Ground D.E. Filter

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 Product Name:  Hayward EC 40 Above Ground Pool D.E. Filter
 Model Number:  HAY EC40AC
 Effective Filtration Area:  20 sqft.
 Filter Diameter:  16"
 Connection Size:  1.5"
 Compatible With:  Above Ground Pools
 D.E. Required (not included):  4 lbs
 Warranty:  1 Year

The Hayward EC40 Perflex diatomaceous earth (D.E.) has set the standard in pool filtration with its Flex-Tube™ design. Combined with the most effective filter media available, D.E., the EC40 provides un-matched water clarity and extended filter cleaning cycles, with no backwashing required. This D.E. pool filter falls in the middle of our price ranges for above ground pool filters making it a great option for someone who is looking for a reliable filter at an affordable price.

Benefits of the Hayward EC40 Perflex

  • The Flex-Tube system reuses D.E. powder to form fresh cleaning surfaces
  • This pool filter removes even the smallest particles the first time through to ensure you have clear, sanitary water to swim in
  • It features a bump handle that purges Flex-Tubes of dirt and powder
  • The EC40 is low maintenance and unlike other D.E. pool filters no backwashing is required
  • The self-venting design expels any air in the system through filtered water returning to the pool
  • The Heavy-duty Injection Molded Polymer filter tank ensures corrosion free performance
  • The EC40 features stainless-steel fastenings

Benefits of the Hayward EC40 Perflex

This pool filter should be situated in safe location that avoids direct and harsh exposure to inclement weather. While it is intended for outdoor use, it is particularly important to protect any electrical components from the elements.

For optimal performance, make sure that the pump is located below the swimming pool water line. Ensure that the mounting platform is level and keep the filter bump handle, drain outlet and pressure gauge accessible for convenient operation.

Maintaining the Hayward EC40 Perflex

One unfortunate thing about some pool filters is that they require a lot of maintenance. Unlike many other pool filters, the EC40 does not require any backwashing. Instead, the Perflex pool filter only needs “bumping.” Using the “bump handle” you can reposition the dirt within the filter to ensure that the water flow is not being interfered with. When the dirt holding capacity is reached, this process of regeneration restores the original flow and pressure of the filter easily.

You will know it is time to clean the filter when the pressure gauge rises to more than 10 PSI. This pool filter only needs to be “bumped” approximately every eight weeks, meaning you can enjoy your pool with hardly any maintenance almost all summer long!