Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Above Ground Vert. Discharge Pump

Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Above Ground Vert. Discharge Pump

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 Product Name:  Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Above Ground Pump - Vertical Discharge
 Model Number:  WW 340-9020
 Horsepower:  1
 Connection Size:  1 1/2"
 Compatible With:  Above Ground Pools
 Voltage:  115v
 Warranty:  1 Year

Start Swimming Today with the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Above Ground Vert. Discharge Pump

When you want to dip in the pool right now, you need an efficient, simple pump. Try Waterway’s Hi-Flo II, for quick installation, high-volume output and all-weather performance. No matter the size of your pool, or whether it’s a new installation or replacement, Waterway’s Hi-Flo II is the simple pump to keep your above ground pool ready for splashing and fun.

How Does the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Perform?

  • With 115 volts and 1.0 HP, this 1-speed pump can pump any size above ground pool
  • Waterway’s impeller design maintains optimum pressure and delivers high-volume output to keep your pool crystal clear
  • The pump has a vertical discharge and is best for systems already set-up for vertical discharge pumps
  • The intake connection has 1 ½” union threads and 1 ½” FPT (female pipe taper)
  • The discharge connection has 2” union threads and 1 ½” FPT

How Do You Install the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II?

  • The wet end of the pump rotates to make installation easy
  • Measure the pump, then make space where you plan to place it (on the patio block)
  • Place the pool pump, ensuring it is level.
  • Connect the skimmer and pump with a length of hose
  • Connect the return output and the filter’s return end with another length of hose
  • Make sure all connections are tight
  • Plug in pump with 3’ Twist-Lock cord and start it up
  • If you see any leaks, turn off the pump, tighten connections, and turn it back on
  • Consult the manual for more details.

Does the Waterway 1 HP Hi-Flo II Need Maintenance?

The Waterway Hi-Flo is designed for all-weather performance, it has a durable corrosion-proof housing which is made from fiberglass filed resin

You will need to clean the basket, but the clear lid lets you see how much the basket has collected

With a one-year warranty, the Waterway Hi-Flo II is a simple, economical choice for any size above ground pool. The one-speed pump with a rotating wet end makes everything simple. Order this pump now, so you can get in the pool faster.