Waterway 22

Waterway 22" Sand Filter

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The Clearwater Sand Filter is a rugged, reliable filtration system with a one-piece body, and corrosion proof filter body and base. Complete with a 7-position top mount valve, and durable high flow laterals, the Clearwater Sand Filter is a great choice for both above and inground pools.

Benefits of the Hayward XStream Cartridge Filter

  • 7-Function Top-Mount multi-port valve with split nut lock union
  • Full flow, self-cleaning filter laterals with easy twist-in design
  • High flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • Spherical, roto-molded filter body to evenly distribute pressure for greater strength and extended filter life
  • Corrosion-proof filter body and mounting base (base included)
  • 1 ½” Drain port

Installing the Waterway Clearwater Sand Filter

This pool filter should be situated in safe location that avoids direct and harsh exposure to inclement weather. While this pool filter is intended for outdoor use, it’s life span will be extended if it is sheltered from the elements and should be brought indoors in the winter time.

For optimal performance, make sure that the pump is located below the swimming pool water line. Ensure that the mounting platform is level and keep the filter bump handle, drain outlet and pressure gauge accessible for convenient operation.

Maintaining the Waterway Clearwater Sand Filter

The Waterway Clearwater Sand Filter is one of the easiest sand filters to maintain on the market. Simply turn the 7-position valve into the desired position for backwashing, rinsing, filtering, filtering to waste, and recirculating. It is always wise to change your filter sand every 3-4 seasons.