Polaris 280 Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 280 Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaner

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The Polaris 280 is a pressure side pool cleaner that cleans any inground pool in 3 hours or less. It requires a booster pump, which propels the pool cleaner and powers its vacuum. The Polaris 280 sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums your pool, storing pebbles, acorns, and other debris in its filtration bag.

Benefits of the Polaris 280 include:

  • Reduced maintenance by removing debris, which reduces filter cleaning up to 80 percent and prolongs filter life
  • A healthier pool is created by covering the entire pool surface and freeing your skimmer by removing surface debris and contaminants
  • Facilitating circulation and heating by filtering water throughout the pool and dispersing warm water during heating.

Features of the Polaris 280 include:

  • Single filter bag to catch and store debris
  • Dual jets for cleaning power and speed
  • A sweeping tail that scrubs dirt from the pool’s surface
  • Works for all shapes and sizes of inground pools
  • Includes 31 feet of hose
  • Easily connects to a dedicated pressure line.

Installation and Use of the Polaris 280

To operate the Polaris 280, you will need to install a universal wall fitting and then measure the feed hose to match your pool’s size. The hose included with the Polaris 280 can be reduced or increased as necessary.

Then assemble the pool cleaner and test its RPM speed before use.

Once the Polaris 280 is in the water it will move in a random pattern around your pool, covering the entire surface in 3 hours or less. Once operating it will vacuum debris and scrub settled dirt automatically. The pool cleaner easily detaches for storage once complete.

How to Maintain Your Polaris 280

Like most pool cleaning equipment pressure side pool cleaners require basic maintenance. For the Polaris 280 you will need to detach and empty the filtration bag. The filter itself must also be detached and rinsed.

Is the Polaris 280 Right for Your Pool?

This automatic pool cleaner is ideal for pool owners looking for a reliable pool cleaning system that requires basic maintenance. It collects debris like leaves and acorns and therefore is a good tool to use for inground pools with overhanging trees.