Waterway Clearwater II 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter

Waterway Clearwater II 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter

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The Clearwater II Cartridge Filter system combines a larger filtration area, high flow rate, and a small footprint to maximize filtration without sacrificing flow rate and valuable space in your backyard. Featuring Waterway’s Safety Lock Ring Feature, and manufactured with a durable, glass-filled polymer, the Clearwater II Cartridge Filter provides years of trouble-free maintenance while ensuring safe operation.

Benefits of the Waterway Clearwater II Cartridge Filter

  • Durable glass-filled polymer filter body
  • Heavy-duty lid handle
  • Low-profile air relief plug
  • Wide body filtration system
  • Flush-mounted stainless-steel pressure gauge
  • Safety lock ring system to ensure safe operation and easy maintenance
  • 150 SQ. FT Filtration area
  • Base included

Installing the Waterway Clearwater II Cartridge Filter

For optimal performance, make sure that the pump is located below the swimming pool water line. Ensure that the mounting platform is level and keep the filter locking ring, drain outlet and pressure gauge accessible for convenient operation.

This pool filter should be situated in safe location that avoids direct and harsh exposure to inclement weather. While it is intended for outdoor use, it is particularly important to protect any electrical components from the elements. All pool pump/filters should be brought inside during the winter in colder climates.

Maintaining the Waterway Clearwater II Cartridge Filter

The Waterway Clearwater II is one of easiest cartridge filters to maintain. The cartridge inside the filter tank should be rinsed at least 1-2 times weekly, depending on weather, and bather loads. The cleaner you keep this filter cartridge, the cleaner your pool water will be during the season. These filter cartridges can last 2-3 seasons, depending on how well they are taken care of.

You will know it is time to clean the cartridge when the pressure gauge rises more than 10 PSI. When you are ready to clean the cartridge, shut off the pool pump and shut-off valves (if applicable). once the water running to the filter is shut off, simply drain the tank, un screw the filter locking ring, remove the cartridge, and rinse it thoroughly.