Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater II D.E. Filter

Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater II D.E. Filter

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 Product Name:  Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater II D.E. Filter
 Model Number:  WW 5205020N
 Effective Filtration Area:  18 sqft.
 Connection Size:  1.5"
 Compatible With:  Above Ground Pools
 D.E. Required (not included):  2 lbs
 Warranty:  1 Year

The True Spiral Laminar flow inside the Clearwater II D.E. Filter ensures even distribution of D.E., translating into maximum filtration. The Clearwater II features automatic hydraulic regeneration, allowing you to use less D.E. powder over the course of the swimming season. Complete with Waterway’s Safety Lock Ring System that provides safe operation and maintenance, the Waterway Clearwater II D.E. Filter is sure to provide a long-lasting, reliable filtration system for your pool for years.

Benefits of the Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater D.E. Filter

  • Modular internal grid system ensures easy maintenance
  • Rugged glass-filled polymer body
  • True Spiral Laminar flow evenly distributes D.E. inside the filter
  • Union gate valve with 1.5” hose adapter drain shut-off
  • Low-profile air relief valve with automatic air bleed capability
  • Includes flush-mounted stainless-steel pressure gauge and heavy-duty lid handle
  • Filter base included

Installing the Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater D.E. Filter

The Waterway Clearwater D.E. Filter can be installed in just a few easy steps:

  1. Place the Waterway Clearwater D.E. Filter on a level surface such as a concrete slab or patio block
  2. Ensure that the instructions, warnings and pressure gauge are easy to see for the operator
  3. Position the filter in a way that the piping connections and drain port are accessible and make sure that there is adequate clearance around the filter to eliminate interference
  4. Complete all plumbing connections by following your local plumbing and building codes
  5. Open the air release knob
  6. Plug the pump in and turn it on – at this time you will notice air pass out of the filter through the air release knob
  7. After the water has discharged from the knob, close it.

Maintaining the Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater D.E. Filter

A great aspect of the Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater is that it is easy to maintain. When the pressure gauge on the pool filter reaches higher than 5 PSI, this is an indication that it is time to do some maintenance. Maintenance mainly includes basic cleaning of the pool filter. Instructions for this can be found in the manual included with your D.E. pool filter. Always ensure that the pump is turned off before you attempt to clean it to avoid injury.

With the Waterway 67 GPM Clearwater D.E. Filter you can ensure that your pool remains clean and clear throughout the entire pool season.