If you’ve had your pool for quite a while you may find that repairing your liner is no longer enough. When it comes time to purchase a new liner for your new or existing pool, the good news is that you can do it yourself, which will save you a lot of money. But, before you get started there are a few things you should know.

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Why are virgin vinyl pool liners superior?

At Namco Pools, our pool liners are made with 100% virgin vinyl, which means that they do not include recycled vinyl or any other added plastics or materials. In our experience, 100% virgin vinyl provides a liner material that is durable and allows the liner to expand and contract evenly as the seasons change.

Our liners are computer cut to ensure accuracy and are designed with UV inhibitors that help protect your liner against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

When purchasing an above ground pool liner, the first step is to choose the right type of liner for your pool.

Overlap Liners

Over the wall, or “overlap” liners are the most common type of liners for above ground pools. These liners are pulled over the top of the pool wall and are secured to the wall using plastic coping strips. The excess liner material will hang over the top of the pool wall and is visible from the outside of the pool.

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Overlap Liners

Overlap Liners

Beaded Liners

Beaded liners require a separate coping called a “bead receiver.” This receiver is secured to the top of the pool wall prior to the installation of the liner. Once the bead receiver is in place, the pool liner simply snaps into the receiver. Bead liners are cut exactly to the dimensions of your pool, so there is no overlap and the liner is not visible from the exterior of the pool.

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J-Hook Liners

J-Hook liners are designed to hook directly onto the top of the pool wall. Most J-hook liners are also compatible with the bead receiver used with beaded liners. Like beaded liners, there will be no overlap with J-hook liners, and the liner is not visible on the exterior of the pool.

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J Hook Liners

Unibead Liners

Unibead liners (also known as Duo Bead, EZ Bead, or Universal Bead) will fit both Standard Bead and/or U/J Bead applications. If you are unsure of the “Bead” type needed for your pool, it is safe to purchase a Unibead liner, as it will fit your bead style regardless. Bead liners are installed using a bead retainer that hangs directly on the pool wall. The liner snaps into the lip of the coping receiver and is fed all the way around the pool. Once the stabilizer tracking is placed on top of the coping, the coping and liner will be secured into place.

If the top of your current swimming pool liner looks like an upside down “U” or “J”, you have a U/J Bead liner, and the Unibead style liner will work for your pool.

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