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We'd like to congratulate you on the purchase of your new swimming pool and all the enjoyment and excitement in creating your backyard oasis.

What To Expect 

At Namco, we believe the little things can make a big difference.
  • You will receive a call from our installer to coordinate your installation.
  • To be installed properly the pool must be installed on a dry compact ground.
  • Installation schedules are weather permitting.
  • Our installer will smooth and remove as many liner wrinkles as possible, please know Namco cannot guarantee the pool will be entirely wrinkle free.
  • Excavation is free up to the first 6" beyond that there will be an additional charge paid direct installer at time of excavation.
  • Due to the use of necessary equipment to complete job there can be some blemishes in the lawn as a result from accessing the site and excavation.

Installation Services

To make your backyard dream come to life, we need your help to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Installation services include: 

  • Sand base and blocks for leveling the pool
  • Excavation up to 6”
  • Assembly of Pool Wall, Vinyl Liner, Filtration System, Skimmer and Return
  • Pool equipment will be placed no further than 4’ from the pool wall.
  • Excavated earth or debris from excavation will be distributed into a pile and left on the premises within 50’ of the pool.
  • We will clean up cardboard packaging remains from the pool by stacking them neatly and leaving them on premises where you request.

Installation does not include: 

  • Excavation over 6”
  • Removal of boulders, roots, tree stumps, or extreme site conditions.
  • Removal of excavated material from job site.
  • Landscaping or back-filling.
  • Removal of shipping boxes.
  • Installation of ladder or entry system.

Customer To Do's

To make your backyard dream come to life, we need your help to ensure a smooth process from stat to finish.

  • Obtain all necessary permits for the installation of the pool.
  • Stake out or mark the area you would like the pool to be installed in accordance with the town permit.
  • Provide clear unrestricted access to the pool site for our team to enter with all necessary machines and equipment. (minimum 8 feet).

The customer is responsible for the costs of providing: 

  • Excavation over 6” (if necessary).
  • Electrical Hook Up 
  • Gas Hook Up (if necessary)
  • Water to fill the pool.
  • Modification to deck to enable pool installation.
  • Hand digging and wheel barreling due to not having access to job site.

Pool Maintenance & Warranty

To maintain complete warranty coverage, pool maintenance and operating should be followed for opening and closing pools, removal of snow and ensuring proper cover tightness.

Once the installation is complete, our Namco Customer Experience team will contact you to ensure your complete happiness and satisfaction.

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We would again like to thank you for your purchase with us and hope that you received the highest level of service as possible.

Namco Installation Services


The Namco Pool Protection Plan provides 100% full coverage on all parts and labor for your Namco bought/installed swimming pool.

Namco pools already come with a standard limited manufacturer’s warranty – that only covers parts, and in most cases is pro-rated.

The Namco Pool Protection Plan covers the parts IN FULL, and more importantly the labor to fix or repair your pool. The Namco Pool Protection Plan provides coverage that extends to the equipment package purchased with the pool components: pool frame, liner, skimmer, ladder, filter.


  • 100% coverage on parts and labor.
  • No Deductibles, No Hidden Charges.
  • 2-3 years starting from the date of installation.
  • No Limit to the number of repairs up to the purchase price.
  • Pumps and filtration systems due to electrical failure under normal use.
  • Seam separation of pool liner due to a manufacturer defect.
  • Breaking, bending or warping of pool frame and wall due to a manufacturer defect.
  • In-Home service….If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it!