How to Close Your Pool for Winter

As quickly as it began, the summer is coming to an end. While this brings falling leaves, pumpkin lattes and cozy sweaters, it also means that it is time to close your pool for the season. This is an important job. Closing your pool properly will ensure that it is protected during the winter and will be ready in the spring.

Step One: Get Organized

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through closing your pool and realizing you are missing a key piece of equipment. Before you begin, make a list of all the materials you will need to close your pool and ensure that you have them all nearby. Key items to make sure you have on hand include cleaning products, water chemicals and a pool cover.

Step Two: Clean

A critical step that should be completed first is cleaning the pool and surrounding area. Begin by skimming the water using a pool skimmer to remove any debris such as leaves or twigs. Secondly, use a pool brush to scrub the walls of the pool. Make sure you are thorough in this step since the walls will not be brushed again for an extended period of time. After you are finished scrubbing, vacuum all the surfaces and focus on the areas that get little circulation as these are risk areas for algae growth. Finally, clean the skimmer baskets.

Step Three: Water Chemistry

Having water that is clear and properly balanced when you close your pool will mean an easy opening next spring. First, run the filtration system and shock the water a few days in advance of closing your pool. Then, check the pH balance of the water using a testing kit that you have purchased ahead of time. Your test kit should include a chart that you can compare the reading of your test strip to.

Ensure that your sanitizer levels are correct, adjust as necessary and add algaecide to limit the amount of algae growth over the winter. When you are finished make sure to backwash the filter effectively.

Step Four: Lower the Water Levels

Now comes the time to lower the water levels. Blow out your pipes and ensure that the water is drained from all lines. You can use a wet vac to do this. Lower the water levels in your pool below the skimmers to avoid freezing and ice damage.

Step Five: Cover the Pool

Once you have completed all the abovementioned steps to prepare your pool for winter you must cover it. Choose a high-quality pool cover, such as a safety cover to put your pool to sleep for the winter.

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