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Adding a pool heater to your swimming pool increases the value of your pool, but more importantly it allows you to extend your swimming season and get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your pool. From easy to install solar heating systems to permanent gas and propane heaters, we offer something for pools of any shape or size.

Why choose a gas pool heater?

Gas heaters are available in propane and natural gas models and can be used in both above ground and inground pools. Gas heaters produce heat quickly and cost less at the time of purchase, but can be costly depending on the price of propane or gas, which varies depending on the season, demand and the market. Gas lines should always be installed by licensed technicians, so don’t forget to factor that installation cost into your budget.

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Gas Heater
Gas Heater

Heat Pump
Heat Pump

Why choose a heat pump for your pool?

Heat pumps are electric pool heaters that use the air surrounding your swimming pool to transfer heat into the water, instead of generating heat themselves. Heat pumps are much more energy efficient compared to gas heaters, but do cost more and require the air temperature to be above 50 degrees to be effective. Due to their electrical nature, heat pumps should always be installed by a licensed technician, which should be added into your budget.

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Why choose a solar pool heater?

Solar heaters are the most affordable, energy efficient, and are the easiest heat system to install, but they take the longest time to heat your pool water, and depend on the weather.

How do solar pool heaters work?

Solar pool heaters can be installed next to the pool’s filtration system. Solar pool heaters are designed to trap solar energy. The water is heated as it passes through the solar system on its way back into the pool.

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Solar Heater
Solar Heater

Where are Pool Heaters Installed?

Due to their electrical parts and fuel components, gas and electric pool heaters must be installed by a properly licensed technician. The product’s manufacturer’s warranty could be void if the unit is not installed correctly or if it is not installed by a service professional.

Pool heaters are not to be installed inside your home, unless the unit is specifically designed for indoor residential use.

How do you know if you need a new pool heater?

Here are some common problems that could be an indication it’s time to replace your pool heater:

At Namco Pools we carry heaters for above ground and inground pools of any size. Use the chart below to decide what size heater is the best fit for your pool.

Heater Chart

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