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You want to spend your time in the pool this summer, not cleaning it! Pool cleaners are designed to make cleaning and maintaining your pool easier and less time consuming. The most popular types of pool cleaners are suction side cleaners, pressure side cleaners, and robotic cleaners. We offer a wide variety of cleaners for any size of above ground pool or inground pool.

Why choose a suction side automatic pool cleaner?

Suction side cleaners are easy to maintain. Since they have few moving parts they’re very durable. However, they cause your pool’s filtration system to work harder, which can shorten the life of your pool filter.

Suction side automatic cleaners work by using the suction caused by your pool pump. These cleaners hook up through your pool skimmer, just like a manual cleaner. The suction from the pool pump propels the cleaner around the pool, and any dirt or debris gathered by these cleaners is filtered through the filter system.

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Suction Side Automatic Cleaner
Suction Side Automatic Cleaner

Pressure Sided Pool Cleaner
Pressure Sided Pool Cleaner

Why choose a pressure side automatic pool cleaner?

Pressure side cleaners have a filter bag attached to the cleaner to catch dirt and debris, preventing it from going through your pool’s filtration system. The advantage to a pressure side automatic pool cleaner is that it doesn’t place additional strain on your pool’s filter.

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Why choose a robotic pool cleaner?

With a robotic cleaner you’ll barely have to do a thing to keep your pool clean this summer. Robotic pool cleaners cost more than other types of pool cleaning systems, but they require the least amount of maintenance and are the most hands-off approach to a clean pool, making it the perfect choice for a busy family.

How does a robotic cleaner work?

Robotic pool cleaners run off a standard GFCI outlet. These cleaners have a built-in filter bag that collects dirt and debris vacuumed out of the pool, greatly increasing the lifespan of your pool pump and filtration system. Robotic cleaners clean the pool floor and some are able to clean the walls all the way up to the water line.

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Robotic Pool Cleaners
Robotic Pool Cleaners

Not sure if you need to replace a part of your pool cleaner or should replace the cleaning system completely with a brand-new model? Here are some common pool cleaner problems:

Depending on the type of pool cleaner and the problem, you may be able to troubleshoot these issues yourself by examining water flow, the cleaner’s pressure or suction, drive belts, pumps and filters (which can easily become clogged), or ensuring you are using the right sized hose.

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