Pool Equipment

What do you need to know about Pool Equipment?

Your pool equipment keeps your swimming pool running smoothly throughout the year. When your pool equipment works as it should you’ll find it easier to maintain your pool, which will make your swimming season more enjoyable.

Whether it’s your pool pump, pool heater or pool filter, proper maintenance and regular cleaning will keep your pool equipment in good shape and help it last longer, which will make a huge difference in the day to day operation of your pool.

Troubleshooting Your Pool Equipment

Sometimes, when you have issues with your pool it can take a little detective work to determine which piece of your pool’s equipment is causing the problem. Already know what the problem is? Browse our wide selection of pool equipment.

Not sure what’s wrong? It’s worth spending the time to investigate! You can save a lot of money when you replace your pool equipment yourself (rather than relying on a pool company). Learn more about common issues with:

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