A pool cover is a must for anyone with a swimming pool, but with so many options to choose from how do you select the right cover for your pool?

When it comes to choosing a pool cover it’s important to consider:

At Namco Pools we offer a variety of types of high-quality pool covers, including:

What are the benefits of solar covers for your pool?

A solar cover (also called a solar blanket) has many benefits, but one of the most appealing is that it helps you heat your pool for free. Solar blanket systems for your pool can raise the temperature of your water in a matter of days by as much as 10°F!

How does a solar cover work?

A solar blanket is designed to heat your pool using the sun’s energy while dramatically reducing pool evaporation which can cool your pool. Solar blankets are an environmentally-friendly, low cost way to heating swimming pools of all sizes.

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What are solar cover reel systems?

A solar cover reel system is a must if you have a solar cover. These systems make it easy to remove your solar cover in the morning when you’re ready to swim, and easy to cover your pool in the evening when you’re done swimming for the day.

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What are the benefits of winter covers for your pool?

The winter is hard on your swimming pool, and that’s why you need to carefully select a winter cover for your pool that’s designed to protect it throughout the long winter months. A quality winter pool cover will help you avoid expensive winter damage while helping to protect your pool and its liner so that it will last longer. Plus, with a quality winter cover you’ll find your pool will be in better shape in the spring, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and opening it!

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What are the benefits of pool safety covers?

Safety covers protect your family and pets from accidental drowning. Plus, a safety cover helps protect your pool, and the investment you’ve made in your pool equipment. Additionally, when you use a pool safety cover over the winter you will have a clean pool to open in the spring!

With a custom safety cover opening your pool is much easier. You won’t need to look at and pump off any dirty stagnant water, and you will no longer be required to fill your pool with water in the spring. With a custom Safety Cover your pool opening is clean, efficient and easy to do!

How do you install a safety cover for your pool?

Initial installation is extremely simple and requires only a few tools that you’ll already have at home. Plus, our team is here to assist you with any questions you may have. We have professional safety cover installers standing by to assist you over the phone. Our safety covers are custom made to perfectly fit your pool.

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What are the benefits of a leaf net cover for your pool?

Keep acorns, pine cones, spring buds and fall leaves out of your pool and make spring clean-up a breeze with a leaf net pool cover. A must for wooded areas, our leaf net catches all leaves and debris before they fall into your pool!

When should you use a leaf net cover for your pool?

Use a leaf net pool cover whenever your pool is not in use or in early fall. You can also use the leaf net cover over your winter cover to catch leaves but allow water to pass through.

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