At Namco Pools, we believe our purpose is making a difference within the communities where we live and play. 

We believe the identity of a company is defined by its contribution to the lives of its customers, employees and the communities it belongs to, and this identity creates a greater sense of purpose within every Namco team member - a purpose that focuses on people over profit.
Giving back has been at the cornerstone of our organization, and with so many worthy charities and causes it's easy to simply give away product or make financial contributions and say how great we are. That's not the authentic spirit of giving we wish to be associated with, as we look for impactful situations that personally touch the lives of those we are directly involved and within our communities in New England and New York. 
As a result, Namco Pools is pleased to be associated with its corporate partner Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as individual charitable causes of our employees.  By offering our time and professional resources, we’re able to expand our charitable giving to a variety of causes. This includes the donation of pools, equipment, labor, and time. 
Namco Pools continues to do everything we can to help out the communities in which we operate and build our communities.