How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Picture this: You’ve got on your brand-new Marvel’s Avengers bathing suit. You spent the last 20 minutes lathering in sunscreen and blowing up your favorite float- you know the one- the finest float out there, perfect for summer naps and floating relaxation. So, as I said, you’ve got your favorite giant pink flamingo float in arm and get ready to walk up the steps into your pool... except you realize you can no longer see the pool floor. Instead, you see a never-ending cloudy haze of blue. You’ve met one of summer fun’s worst enemies, coming in #2 right after thunder storms: Cloudy Pool Water.

How do you battle this common pool foe?

First, Know the Causes of Cloudy Pool Water:

There are several catalysts for cloudy pool water, but first it’s helpful to know a bit of the pool chemistry behind keeping your water crystal clear. Clear pool water is all a game of balancing pool chemicals. The goal is to keep

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