We love summer!

Summer is a time for friends, family and fun. The sunshine on our faces, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the company of loved ones make summer a great time of year.

There are so many things that make summer special. From our general state in this season that creates so many stories and memories, there is a reason we all love summer.

How do we know?

First and foremost, we mark our calendars for Memorial Day weekend every year to signal that summer is here. After all, we open our pools, and start to countdown the numbers of days left in school, while looking ahead to the graduation parties, family cookouts and get-togethers that will keep our summers busy.

But don’t take our word for it.

We scoured the web to find why other people love summer. The reasons are clear, from the general feeling and state of mind, to the memories of their youth and opportunities for the future, there are plenty of reasons why summer is so special!

Summer State of Mind

To start, there certainly is a summer state of mind.


And that state of mind isn’t just because school's out for summer! The summer mindset start with sleeping late, slowing down and spending time with friends and family.

Plus, there is that sunshine that provides the foundation for that summer mindset!

But what else adds to this special feeling?

The warmer weather and longer days make a difference because we can spend more time outside. We can enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze, which puts us in a good mood, especially when we spend our time with friends and family.

“It’s almost like the weather is making up for forcing us all indoors all winter by keeping the warm weather sun out longer during the summer. And it’s a good thing, too: With all the sports and vacations and get-togethers we have planned, we’re going to need those extra daylight hours.”

Yes, summer provides the feeling of love and that sunshine makes us forget about winter and the chaotic spring weather.

“Warm, sunny weather puts people in a party mood, no doubt about that—winter is all but forgotten and the fickleness of spring has settled down.”

Plus, the constant sun, relaxed work schedules and family vacations provide a little respite to enjoy that easy going lifestyle.


It’s not that summer makes us lazy, it’s that we find the time to relax and smell the sunshine! From the smell of the sun, the day trips with friends and living on vacation time, yes, everything seems to last longer in the summer time.

“Aw, sweet, sweet summer. Everything opens up in the summer. From restaurant patios to music festivals, everything we do inside gets some fresh air.”

Yes, summer has a distinct state of mind. For many parents and students, summer starts when the final school bell rings and we run home eagerly anticipating (or anxiously awaiting), the lack of school and defined set of activities.

We can all picture classic summer movies, kids on the move and looking forward to an awakening experience.

Summer certainly provides a state of mind and ripe for new experiences, memories and adventures!

Making Summer Memories

For many people, when we sit back and reflect on our fondest memories, we think about a particular summer. It might be the summer we found our first love or filled the season with day trips with our best friends to reflecting on a family bonding experience that we will never forget.

The ability to make summer memories are crystallized with our experiences and guide our lives as we transition from child to parent.

“Summer has always has been and always will be my favorite season of the year. My fondest memories of my life always come from the summers I have experienced each year. Childhood summer worries consisted of being assigned the dreaded task of washing the sand off the boogie boards, and the only competition we felt was who was going to secure the spot of taking the first outdoor shower. Summer evenings consist of entertainment made from sitting around the dinner table or campfire. I can only hope to give my future children the same summers, and even to be able to sneak few bites of their ice cream when they aren't looking.”

Yes, summer provides a great backdrop to create everlasting memories, especially with our families. From vacations to staycations, our family pool is the setting to so much!

“Spending the day at the pool was an endless cycle of splashing around for an hour, jumping in the hot tub, getting out of the hot tub and reading a magazine, and then jumping back in the pool when sweat started to collect on your collar bone. Times was rough.”


From pools to cookouts, there are plenty of ways to form memories. But, in order to create these life long stories, we all need to make family time a priority.

“It is easy to let the summer pass with everyone in their house doing their own thing. But don’t let this time go to waste. Whether it is a week of vacation together or just some day trips to the beach or a weekly family BBQ, put family time on the agenda.”

The thing about summer is the sun provides an advantage over the other seasons. Better weather and more daylight means we can enjoy the comforts of home deep into the night.

For many of us in New England, we wait patiently between New Years and Memorial Day for summer.


Because most of our best memories are in the summer!

  • Love being able to eat and work outside.
  • Sandals and open toed shoes.
  • Ice cream…who doesn’t love ice cream.
  • Having friends over to grill out.
  • Running outside.
  • It being light at 6am and until 9pm.

Plus, we have such fond memories of summer since we all know life is better at the pool.


Yes, it is always great to make summer about friends, family and fun because time is so precious and our most valued memories of these hot, humid and hazy summer months will be from the times we spend with those we love the most.

“Aaah Summer! The weather is wonderful. Family and friends come together for memorable outdoor activities. Vacations start! You can take in your town's local attractions, or jet set to exotic locations with family and friends.

There are numerous reasons to celebrate summer!”

Regardless of your age, we are never too old for summer whether you are a teen, parent or grandparent:

“of all the things I loved about summer when I was a kid, in excited anticipation of re-experiencing them with my own child, and I came to realize something: I’ll never grow too old to love any of this stuff.


So this summer, put down the phones, get-together with your friends and make some memories.


Something Special About Summer

The sunshine and smell of fresh air. Living on vacation time and casual Fridays. Summer nights and long days in the pool.

Yes, there is definitely something special about summer and the desire for an adventure!


Perhaps, summer is so special because that summer state of mind simply lets our minds wander and allow us to live in the moment?

“Summer showcases a circle of life. People wandering streets and open areas together and enjoying mother nature. The crisp air is enjoyed by many and it is for these reasons that summertime is one of the favorites for many. Whether you see the bees buzzing or hear the birds chirping, sit back and relax. Enjoy what the world has to offer and let your mind wander.”

Or maybe summer is so special because of the local farmer’s markets and home gardens filled with fresh fruits and veggies?

“For us, summer is not complete without delicious, healthy wild blueberries. If you didn’t know, they have twice the antioxidants and a more intense blueberry taste that makes summer meals just a little more special.”

And would summer be summer without our ability to grill?

“Is there anything better than the smell of foods cooking on the grill? Whether you love a juicy porterhouse steak or a hamburger seared to perfection, the grill is the way to cook it. Have you ever made grilled corn on the cob? Or a grilled vegetable skewer? There are so many delicious options for cooking on an outdoor grill!”

But, yet again, there is something about summer music that could be the reason the season is so special?

“You know, like the one song that takes you back to your 8th grade crush, or your first girls’ beach trip. We’ve got lots of options for this year’s winner with the perfect summer playlist on Spotify & summer quotes to keep you on the bright side, rain or shine! Sounds like a good place to start, yeah!”


However, maybe summer is so special because even for people that don’t like the heat, they still find reason to love summer!

“Most people know I am not a fan of the heat. Therefore, it would make sense that I’m not a fan of summer. I presumed this was true, and started a 10 Things I Hate About Summer post. But the fact is, once I listed “the way the sweat drips down your back at 6:30 in the morning” and “the way your skin sticks to the car seat” I didn’t have much. As a lark I retitled this 100 Things I Love About Summer, and imagined I could muster up 10. Not only did I get to 10, but 100 was pretty easy. Go figure.”

From neighborly barbecues to lazy days, summer simply has too much to offer to not rule!

Fortunately, there are plenty of summer memories and experiences that remind us of our youth, keep the kids occupied or simply let us forgot about life and enjoy the moment!

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