Pools are a glorious place to cool off during the hot summer season, and with the right pool routine you can spend more of your time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it! Our helpful tips are designed to simplify your pool maintenance routine and leave you with more time to enjoy your summer:

Skim for Debris Regularly

It may seem like a pain to skim for debris a few times a day, but it will save you time in the long run. If your pool is near trees or gardens then a fair amount of debris will probably end up in your pool water and ultimately in your filter. Take turns with your family members a couple of times a day to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine and skim the pool.

Vacuum Often

You should vacuum your pool at least once a week to ensure that it is properly cared for. Regular vacuuming will ensure your pool is clean whenever you are ready to go for a swim. Set some time aside to thoroughly vacuum the pool and ensure you don’t miss any areas.

If you’re short on time consider a robotic pool cleaner that will vacuum your pool for you.

Clean the Pool Filter

While the purpose of a pool filter is to keep your pool clean, sometimes it requires some attention as well. There are different methods for cleaning the filter based on the type you have: cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter. If you notice your pool water is looking discolored, murky or that you have more debris than usual then it could be time to take care of your pool filter.

Clean up Pool Toys

When you are not using the pool store your floatables and other pool toys in a safe, dry area. This will avoid them blowing around if it gets windy or getting slimy from being in the water for an extended period of time. Not only will this keep your pool cleaner, but it will also prolong the life of your pool toys.

Cover the Pool

Use a pool cover when you’re not in the pool to avoid having to clean your pool as often. A pool cover will keep a lot of debris out of the water and will also create a safer space for animals and children. An insulated pool cover can help keep the water nice and warm.

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