Labor Day weekend typically marks the “official” end to summer. For those of us that love summer, then there is no end in sight to enjoying that summer mindset. However, as the temperatures start to drop and we think about pool winterization, now is a great time to stock up on pool products.

As the pool offseason approaches, then it is time to shop for pool winterization products, along with goodies for next summer!

the end of summer doesn't mean the end of pool products

Pool Winterization Products

As the calendar flips to fall, now is a good time to purchase pool products. Regardless of when you close your pool, there are standard pool products that are needed for winterization.

  1. Winter Pool Kit

In the greater New England area, we must winterize our swimming pools. During the winterization process, the pool water is remains stagnant. The water is not circulated, filtered or sanitized, which makes it an ideal algae breeding ground.

Winter pool closing kits are designed to provide pool owners with combination of chemicals that ensures a swift opening next pool year. Every winter pool kit should contain products that reduce algae growth.

winter pool kits are great pool products to buy in the fall

  1. Pool Chemicals

Along the lines of a winter pool closing kit, there are winter pool chemicals that are needed to close your pool. Of course, a kit includes many of these chemicals, purchasing them separately may be work for you and your family. To help, here are some of the most useful winter pool chemicals.

  • Winter Pool Algaecides

Winter algaecide differs from summer algaecide because the formula is designed for cold temperatures.

  • Winter Pool Shock

Either chlorine or non-chlorine pool shock should be used prior to closing your pool. Keep in mind that the pool should be cleaned so the shock is not wasted on leaves or other debris in the pool. Also, check the water to ensure the pH and alkaline levels are balanced.

  • Winter Pool Enzymes

If your pool opens green or brown each spring, adding winter enzymes to the winter chemical list can help make the pool opening process more efficient. Pool enzymes work to defeat pollutants, dust, pollen, algae or other debris that enter the pool during the offseason. Enzymes reduce the contaminant levels, saving your winter pool chemicals to fight algae.

  • Stain Chemicals

Stain chemicals prevent mineral and metal staining. Prior to lowering the pool water and adding other winter chemicals, add stain chemicals so they can be circulated throughout the pool.

  1. Pool Covers

Pool covers prevent snow, dirt and other debris from getting into the pool during the offseason. Regardless of your pool size, there ample pool covers that fit any shape or size pool. Plus, a proper pool cover makes the pool opening process much easier in the Spring!

pool products to buy in the fall: pool covers

There are a few things to consider when selecting a pool cover. For example, proper pool covers block sunlight, which prohibits UV rays from penetrating the pool. The UV rays reduce the effectiveness of the winter chemicals (which are stopping algae growth).

Plus, a pool cover should include sturdy, well-reinforced grommets to prevent the cover blowing off in a winter storm.

Stock Up on Pool Products

The fall is a great time to purchase pool products for next season.


Purchasing required pool supplies in bulk and in the offseason are a great way to save time and money. During the winter and spring, then pool chemicals and supplies are on sale. Stock up on chlorine and shock since you’ll be using these chemicals all summer.

There are some other pool maintenance tasks that help us keep our sanity during the summer. As a reminder, here are those standard maintenance tasks and the products required to complete them.

  • Maintain the Proper pH Level

The pH level can be controlled by adding either an acid (such as muriatic acid) or an alkali (such as soda ash or baking soda). The addition of alkali or acid will depend on whether the water is too acidic or too alkaline. Incorrect pH levels can lead to damage of pool and pool equipment.

  • Maintain the Proper Chlorine Level

Chlorine is available in the granular, tablet, or liquid form and all the types work in the same manner. It is advisable to add chlorine compounds after the filtration process is completed to ensure an even distribution of chlorine in the water.

  • Routine Shock Treatment

Routine shocking (which should be done weekly), destroys the combined chlorine compounds (free chlorine is required, not combined). In addition to destroying germs, combined chlorine compounds may cause that unpleasant smell and skin-eye irritation. Follow the instructions as noted in shock treatment packages.

summer is around the corner, stock up on pool products today

For over 50 years NAMCO has been providing our customers with quality affordable outdoor and indoor home entertainment products, including pool products and winterization kits. Remember not to skimp on pool closing chemicals because this process helps the pool open process much easier!

To learn more pool winterization and find great deals on pool products, stop by your nearest NAMCO store today!