The classics never go out of style. And summer is one of the classics. From the first splash and smell of sunblock to picking up new sunglasses and listening to your favorite jams, there are plenty classic summer things that mean excitement is around the corner.

As children, we all anxiously counted down to the end of school and start of summer. We couldn’t wait until we could spend our mornings sleeping and afternoons by the pool.

As adults, we still love the summer. We look forward to long lunch breaks with the sun in our face and weekends with our feet in the pool and kids running around the yard.

From neighborly barbecues to lazy days, summer simply has too much to offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of summer things that remind us of our youth, keep the kids occupied or simply let us forgot about life and enjoy the moment!

Summer Things that Remind You of Childhood

What are your favorite memories of summer?

For many of us, then we have our own version of The Sandlot. There was a time growing up that was basically perfect. We had independence during the day, yet the safety and security of our family at night. Summer provided the freedom to find some adventures with our friends, but the down time to relax by the pool!

Yes, there are plenty of summer things that make us feel like a child again!

1. Blowing Bubbles in the Sun
2. Playing Miniature Golf with Friends
3. Riding a Roller Coaster
4. Building a Sandcastle
5. Picking Flowers in the Park
6. Going for a Bike Ride (with no exact route)
7. No School
8. Losing Time in the Pool
9. Oddly Competitive Game of Volleyball in the Backyard
10. Floating Endlessly in the Pool
11. Taking a Random Road Trip

Summer Things to do with a Child


Part of our summer memories are spending time with family. As a kid, we would cherish those days spent with our parents. Although, at the time, we probably did not appreciate grocery shopping when we could see the sun shining. But now, as parents, we want to make the most of our time with the kids.

If you are looking for some kids activities, here are some summer things that will spur that summer feeling!

12. Bake Some Cookies
13. Make Homemade Ice Cream
14. Color on the Sidewalk
15. Run through Sprinklers
16. Slip ‘n Slide
17. Host a Lemonade Stand
18. Water Balloon Fight
19. Feed the Ducks at the Park
20. Visit the Library to Find Some Summer Reading
21. Go to a Carnival
22. Watch Fireworks
23. Camp in the Backyard

Summer Things to Eat and Drink

Every season has some classic foods and dishes. In the summer, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor (literally) as our gardens produce fresh vegetables. However, beyond our gardens, there are plenty of other summer things that we love to eat and drink that put us in the mood for more sunshine!

24. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
25. Fresh Fruits
26. Garden Grown Vegetables
27. S’mores by the Campfire
28. Local Corn on the Cob
29. Weekend Cookout with Friends and Family
30. Watermelon
31. Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Truck
32. Lobster Roll by the Beach
33. Pack a Picnic
34. Anything Fresh from a Farmers Market
35. Pie (Any Kind with Seasonal Fruit)
36. Dessert with Fresh Strawberries
37. Frozen Concoctions in the Ice Cube Tray

The Best Summer Things to Forget About the Real World

Perhaps the best part of summer is simply relaxing and forgetting about the responsibilities of the real world. Friends and family are great, but sometimes the best thing about summer is simply some alone time relaxing.

38. Relax in a Hammock
39. Read a Book by the Pool
40. Zone Out Listening to Music
41. Stare at the Stars
42. Watch a Sunset (or Sunrise)
43. Feel the Sun on Your Back
44. Feel the Sun in Your Face
45. Sit on the Front Porch
46. Sleep with the Windows Open
47. Sit Out by the Fire Past Your Bedtime

From fun in the sun to playing in the pool, there are definitely some summer things that simply make us excited for the season.

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