Get ready to #RelaxPlaySwim! We are introducing an awesome contest to reward you, our fans and customers! From Wednesday, May 13 to Sunday, June 14, the #RelaxPlaySwim contest will run.

What is #RelaxPlaySwim? Summer is on its way and we want to celebrate and engage our customers in the summer spirit. Check out this example of our NAMCO friends embracing the #RelaxPlaySwim attitude. We’re channeling summer and we don’t care who knows it! The contest starts at your local NAMCO store, where you’ll find the NAMCO and #RelaxPlaySwim backdrop, along with awesome toys and props to jumpstart your summer spirit.



Mostly, we want to say thank you to all of our dedicated customers over the years. NAMCO started as a small Mom & Pop pool store in 1962. As we have grown, we remain focused on the local communities that serve our customers. The #RelaxPlaySwim contest embraces summer and supports our customers by providing weekly random winners just for participating. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!And the winner, which will be decided by you, our fans, wins a 21’ Catalina Pool, which is a pretty awesome Grand Prize.

Catalina Pool

The runner up receives a 5 piece San Marco Patio Set, which will really help relax all summer long.


Show us what #RelaxPlaySwim means to you! Head on over to your local NAMCO store and complete these steps to submit your entry! All of this information is available at all NAMCO locations (sorry Albany, unfortunately there is not enough room for the contest at your location), but we want to make sure everyone knows the details, so everyone can get in on the fun! ☑ Take a picture on the red carpet with our fun summer props! ☑ “Like” the NAMCO Facebook Page ☑ On the NAMCO Facebook Page, click on the Photo Contest tab or the Photo Contest Post link ☑ Follow the step­-by-­step instructions to upload your #RelaxPlaySwim photo to Facebook Alternatively, you may post via Twitter or Instagram by tagging your photo with #RelaxPlaySwim. *Please note, you MUST tag your photo with #RelaxPlaySwim to enter. That’s it! And remember, you may enter as many times as you like! So when and how can you win? The finalists (top 5 photos) will be announced on the NAMCO Facebook page on June 15. The photo with the most votes, likes and shares on Facebook will receive the Grand Prize a beautiful 21’ Catalina Pool! The winner will be announced on NAMCO’s Facebook page the following Monday, June 22. The runner up, also announced on June 22, receives a 5-­Piece San Marco Patio Set. The remaining finalists will receive $50 NAMCO Gift Cards. Each week, random weekly winners will be awarded $25 NAMCO gift certificates and announced every Monday throughout the contest. Good luck! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

As part of the setup, then we asked for some help from friends and family. We wanted to show our fans how we get energized for the summer. Here are some outtakes from our “photo shoot” at a local NAMCO store. We hope everyone has as much fun as we did. [caption id="attachment_2847" align="aligncenter" width="672"]namco_kid_fans Just a regular day for these lovely ladies![/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2848" align="aligncenter" width="672"]namco_fans_with_style Even with all of this charisma, we don’t get many opportunities to style and profile on the red carpet.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2849" align="aligncenter" width="672"]namco_shark_fans Someone is in the mood to get in the pool and play some SHARK![/caption]  

Thanks to the staff at the Manchester NAMCO for letting us have some fun. A special thanks to our photographer, AshleighPhoto for not only taking these amazing pictures, but also for letting her daughter lend us a helping hand. We think she might save some shots of her husband to make sure he mows the lawn instead of relaxing on the patio.

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