As the temperature starts to rise, it’s about that time to shed your covers...pool covers that is! Now is the time to start thinking about opening your pool. As you plan to open your pool for the summer, there are a few tips and tricks that will streamline the process so you can enjoy your pool!

Below are 10 simple steps to follow when you open your pool. For a more detailed guide, feel free to review How to Open your Pool for the Summer.

1. Prepare Your Pool

Doing some preventative maintenance, which includes checking existing equipment was not damaged during the winter, helps ensure your safety while opening your pool.

There can be some safety hazards involving the electrical equipment. Please check the electrical equipment for broken conducts/connectors, lack of proper grounding/bonding, and exposed wires.


2. Review Your Pool Supplies

Take stock of your existing pool supplies and look to replace any chemicals that exceed the expiration date, and restock accordingly.


3. Uncover Your Pool

Make sure you clean your pool cover, as it will extend the life of the cover and save you money. To do this, lay the pool cover on the ground and brush of any remaining debris.


4. Remove Any Winter Plugs & Accessories

Note that you should loosen and remove the plugs from the skimmer and then install with the eyeball jets where the plugs were removed.


5. Connect Your Pool Equipment

Now is the time to connect your pool equipment and install the pool pump.

  • Attach the hose from the skimmer to your pump and from the pump to the filter.
  • Attach the hose from the filter to any other filter equipment (i.e. chlorinator or heater).

If your pump is not working properly, it might need to be primed. To do this, simply add pool water to the pump to get it started.


6. Remove Debris & Fill Your Pool

The less debris in your swimming pool, the fewer chemicals needed to clean the water! To help, trim any overhanging tree branches or shrubs to reduce the amount of debris that falls into your pool. Once the debris is removed, then it is time to fill your pool with water. Remember that the proper water level is roughly the halfway point of the pool skimmer. 


7. Turn on the Filtration System

With water in your pool, take the time to turn on the filtration system and and make sure that everything is working correctly. At this time, check for leaks or other abnormalities that should be corrected.


8. Shock Your Pool

Now is the time to shock your pool with chlorine (either liquid or granular). If using granular chlorine shock DO NOT throw directly into the pool, as it can bleach the pool liner. Instead, mix the granular shock with water in a bucket and add the mixture to the motorized skimmer while the system is running.


9. Test & Balance Your Pool Water

To ensure your pool is safe and sound for the summer, remember to test and balance the pool water. If there are any questions regarding the safety of your pool water, bring in your test strips to your local NAMCO store for some assistance.

Once the pool water is tested, then let your pool run for at least 24 hours (to ensure the chlorine levels are under 2.0 ppm).

Pool Maintenance is very important! Your pool is ready to go, but remember to set up routine maintenance to ensure that the chemical balance is safe and acceptable throughout the summer.


10. Play Time!

It is time to REWARD reward yourself will some fun swimming pool games!