The Fourth of July is a time when people get together with their friends and family and celebrate the long weekend! Because of the beautiful weather this is often done outside. If you have a pool you may wish to host a pool party for your friends to enjoy the nice weather. Whether you want to relax by the pool, or play games and have fun, a Fourth of July pool party is a great way to get together and catch up with friends and family. Consider Your Guest List The first step when planning any party is to consider your guest list. Think about how many people you would like to invite. Consider factors such as how much space you have on your pool deck, the size of your pool, available seating, and your budget. As well, think about the dynamic you are hoping for, whether you would like children there or just adults; friends or only family. Hire a Lifeguard While a pool party is a lot of fun, the number one priority is to keep everyone safe. Consider hiring a lifeguard for the party, especially if you have young children coming. You’ll likely be busy with hosting duties, and having someone dedicated to watching the kids in the pool will help you and your guests relax while ensuring safety is top of mind. Ask around to see if a local teenager has lifeguarding certification, or check with your local community pool. Use Fun Decorations Decorating is one of the fun parts of planning a party! Visit your local party store and select a variety of decorations and lights to create a fun and welcoming mood. A great idea is to create a fun photo booth or wall that people can take photos in to post on their social media. Have your guests use a hashtag on their photos to collect them all online for you to look through later! Food and Drinks One of the most important components of a party is the food and drinks. Make a list before visiting the grocery store so you don’t miss anything. Get a wide variety of snacks that you can bring out at different times throughout the day and plan your meal in detail. If you are facing a low budget, consider asking your guests to each bring a dish and make it a potluck. Be Prepared Take the number of towels, pool toys, cups, plates, and utensils you think you’ll need and double it. When people are having a good time, they are notorious for losing their cup or forgetting their towel and they will be counting on the host to make up for this. Have extra on hand and if you don’t use these items you can always return them or save them for a future get together. Have Fun! The last step to hosting an amazing pool party for the Fourth of July is to have fun! Your guests will have more fun if they can see that you are enjoying yourself. Your hard work will be worth it when you can relax instead of worrying about how the party is going. Need some pool products for your party? We’ve got everything you need at our fabulous Fourth of July sale! Shop now and cross “pool preparation” off your party to-do-list!