What is better than sitting back and relaxing outdoors with friends and family? Doing so in a hot tub! Whether you are looking to host a family BBQ or a party for your friends and neighbors, here are some tips to ensure your hot tub party is one to remember: The Guest List While spending time in the hot tub can be a lot of fun, you need to make sure that you invite people who will click well with each other. A hot tub is a small, confined space so you do not want to risk inviting too many people or people who won’t enjoy each other’s company. Remember, children and anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease should generally limit their time in a hot tub. Prepare Your Hot Tub There is nothing worse than feeling stressed out trying to get things ready when your guests are there. The point of a hot tub party is to enjoy visiting with your friends or family and get some much-needed relaxation. Make sure you do any cleaning well in advance and time the heating of the hot tub to make sure it is the perfect temperature for when your guests arrive. Get Snacks and Drinks A party isn’t a party without indulging in delicious food and thirst-quenching drinks. But you don’t want food to end up in your hot tub! Place a food table far enough away from the hot tub that your guests will get the point that they shouldn’t eat in your hot tub. Also, make sure you have a variety of hydrating drinks to choose from as the heat and steam from the hot tub can quickly dehydrate your guests! Have Extra Towels It is almost always a guarantee that at least one of your guests will forget to bring their towel. Make sure you have some extra towels readily available by the hot tub for your more forgetful guests! Even those who remember their towels may appreciate an extra one as people will often get in and out of the hot tub several times. Entertainment A lot of times at hot tub parties, people are happy sitting around visiting. However, it is a good idea to create a good playlist for the dynamic you are hoping to achieve. Most hot tubs have built-in speakers, but if yours doesn’t ensure you have wireless speakers set up near the hot tub. Lights If you are throwing an evening party it’s important to ensure your backyard is well lit around the hot tub, the food table, and in any pathways to other areas of the party (especially to the washroom and changing areas). Well placed lights will really enhance the ambiance of your party. After the party Yes, you cleaned and prepared your hot tub before the party, but after the party is over you’ll need to clean your hot tub again to get rid of any debris remaining in the water. Re-fill the hot tub with fresh water and balance the chemicals so it is ready to enjoy the next time you want to use it!