During the summer months, there are so many activities to attend and chores to complete that we all want (and need) to find ways to save some time. As a pool owner, finding pool care tips that save time (and money) are essential to enjoying your summer.

After all, time is of the essence and proper pool maintenance can be quite time consuming.

To help, here are plenty of pool care tips that will help save you time (along with some money), so you can create some free moments relaxing by the pool!

Pool Care Tips to Save Time

Although we all want to live in the moment and enjoy that summer lifestyle, life happens! We still need to work in the summer and other commitments interfere with our desire to relax. For those of us that enjoy our pools, standard maintenance tasks can eat into our time, but are necessary.

Find some quick DIY hacks to spend less time cleaning your pool and more time floating in your pool!

1. Grab a Tennis Ball

Keep a couple of tennis balls floating on the surface of your pool, which will reduce the oils from our skin and sun block from the water. These oils cling to the fabric of the tennis ball and simply wash the tennis balls each week with some soap and water.

2. Natural Chlorine Adjustment

At times, our pools (or hot tubs) can have too much chlorine. To adjust the chlorine levels, then simply keep the cover off your pool for a few days. The sun will naturally lower the chlorine content, and after a bit of evaporation, you can add more fresh water.

3. Let Your Vacuum Be the Main Drain

Above ground pools do not have a main drain, which can help clear water faster. For those pool owners that have a manual vacuum, you can hook it up and place the vacuum in the middle of your pool upside down to act as a main drain, which will clear the water faster (and is helpful for any pools that are experiencing cloudiness).

4. Filter Debris with Old Pantyhose

Help reduce the workload of your pool filter by wrapping some old panyhouse around the skimmer basket, which will collect the finer debris before it enters the filter system.

5. Make Baking Soda Paste

Mix together baking soda and a little bit of water to form a paste. Apply a small amount of the paste with a sponge or a brush to scrub the pool and keep any tiles clean. Plus, the baking soda does not negatively affect the water.

6. Keep Pests Away with Dryer Sheets

Place some standard dryer sheets around your pool to keep bugs away. Simply stuff a brown paper bag with three to four crumpled plastic bags. Gather, tie and hang the paper bag where wasps or other pests congregate. Plus, for those of us that leave near mosquitoes, plant some lemongrass near your pool deck because the skin of the plant contains citronella, which is widely used in outdoor candles to ward off disease-carrying mosquitoes.

7. Remove Liner Stains with Sock (and pH decreaser)

Find an old sock and add some pH decreaser. Tie the sock (filled with pH decreaser) to a telescopic pole and rest the sock on the stain for about 2 minutes. If the stain lifts, then it is likely caused by metals (which should be remove from your water with some common chemicals). If the stain does not lift, then it is likely an organic stain (which should be removed with chlorine and brushing).

Pool Care Tips to Save Money

Pools provide a lot of fun for our family and friends throughout the summer. However, proper maintenance and pool care can start to add up. Now that we have found some extra time to enjoy our pool, we do not want to use that time to pay for pool care.

To help, here are some common sense ways to cut down on your pool care costs. With some extra cash, then you can find that perfect float that fits your style!

8. Store Vacuum Properly

One of the biggest reasons that pool owners need to replace their vacuum head is the brushes have flattened or fallen off. Store your vacuum properly by ensuring the head is upside down and out of the sun. In the winter, keep the vacuum away from the chlorine and you should increase the life of your vacuum head.

9. Reduce Running Your Filter

It is possible to find the optimal (or minimal) amount of time you need to run your pool pump and filter. Experiment by decreasing the amount of time you run it until you find where that optimal point. Then, set it to run in the off-peak electric times of the day (typically, the morning and evening), when most electricity companies charge less for power to start saving some money.

10. Buy Pool Supplies in Bulk

As part of the pool maintenance process, then note how many supplies and pool chemicals you need for the upcoming pool season. During the winter and spring, then supplies and chemicals should be on sale. Stock up on chlorine and shock since you’ll be using these chemicals all summer.

11. Maintain Your Shock Schedule

Keeping a routine schedule will help reduce costs in the long run. For example, if you shock your pool weekly, then give yourself a break (to save time?!), you might find yourself with a green or cloudy pool. As a result, you’ll need to run the filter 24/7 to clear the water and waste money (and time) pumping more shock into the water. In short, shocking your pool every week helps maintain a healthy and clear pool, which will prevent these kinds of things from happening and save you money in the long run.

12. Let the Robot Clean

Robotic pool cleaners are self-contained units that can clean an entire swimming pool faster traditional cleaning methods because they drive around the pool on their own, climbing up walls and stairs and collecting all kinds of debris in their fine mesh filter bags. Plus, the filter bags also filter the water, so by running your robotic cleaner while the filter and pump are not running, you are can save money while keeping your pool clean.

13. Avoid Wasting Water

At any given time, any wasted water may appear small and insignificant, it adds up over time. The average pool wastes water through evaporation, leaks, splashing and filter backwashing. Ultimately, the wasted water could add up to hundreds gallons, which can translate to hundreds of wasted dollars.

NAMCO provides pool owners with experienced professionals that offer expert pool care tips and advice. For other ways to help reduce your time and money maintaining your pool, then stop by your nearest NAMCO store!