How do you get your family to exercise? Simple, provide some fun activities that doesn’t seem like exercise. It may seem like a struggle to find kids workout ideas, but there is a simple trick.

Don’t let the kids think they are exercising!

Of course, the family swimming pool is a great way to trick your family into remaining active. After all, with all the laughing and splashing, nobody notices they are exercising!

From the basics to the fun games, here are some kids workout ideas that will keep your family active!

Basic Kids Workout Ideas

One of the best ways to keep kids active is outdoor activities. In the summer, there are plenty of ways to remain active. From bike riding to outdoor games like basketball or badminton, there are numerous ways to get off the couch and have fun outside.

However, if the kids are not playing a game, then it may be difficult to keep them active. So, turn the exercises into a game and create a kids workout routine that will be fun and effective.

1. Jumping Jacks - Simple and classic, this is a great way to get the body moving as a warm up. Jumping rope can also be useful as a warm up exercise as well.

2. Tippy Toes - Have the kids reach, reach, reach for something in the sky on their tippy toes. They will have no idea that they are doing calf raises and building some leg muscle!

3. Frog Jumps - Have the kids kneel down and jump over each other using the frog jump technique. This is a version of a squat, but with an added jump that makes it extra fun.

4. Skaters - Kids love to slip and slide on wood floor. Take advantage of that energy and have them slide from side to side (you may need a stopper on both sides).

5. Donkey Kicks - Although this may seem like an exercise, the name alone will provide a giggle. Have the kids crouch on all fours and lift and extend one leg at a time to work on their core strength.

6. Crab Walk - Another core exercise, the crab walk has kids “walking” on the arms and legs. Play crab walk tag to make a fun and energy busting game!

7. Air Punches and Jabs - If the kids have some excess energy, then have them do some air punches. It may not seem like exercise, but it is and will help with cardio fitness, along with some upper body strength.

8. Ninja Kicks - If you have a budding superhero in the house, then have a session of ninja kicks for practice. The kids will have no idea that they are kickboxing and working on their cardio fitness and leg strength.

For a true kids workout, then take a handful of these activities and have the kids do them in order. Depending on their age and attention span, anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute will do the trick! Find what works for you and your family!

Kids Workout Ideas for the Pool


The pool provides a great way to exercise. For example, water aerobics allow for a greater range of motion, which helps with flexibility and due to the natural resistance, these exercises help build greater muscle tone and endurance.

As with any other exercise routine, make sure you get medical clearance from your healthcare provider before taking the plunge.

9. Beach Ball Workout - A great core and upper body workout. In this exercise, then submerge a ball (such as a beach ball) that floats. Experiment with different movements to vary the muscles targeted. For example, press a small inflatable ball down in front of you with bent arms, then move it to the side and straighten arms.

10. Shuffle Slides - A nice exercise to tone your thighs. Simply shuffle side to side from one side of the pool to the other. Remember to breath and try to keep your movements smooth!

11. Arm Presses - Leverage water resistance to work on your upper body with this exercise. Stand in chest-deep water with palms open and fingers spread and move your arms back and forth and up and down. For a greater challenge, increase your speed.

12. Knee Twist - Cross your right elbow towards your left knee at the waist. Alternate sides each rep.

13. Flutter Kick - This classic activity is also a great workout. Hold onto the edge of the pool with your arms extended. Jump and kick your legs quickly (like you would with a kickboard).

From playing in the pool to finding games that build on core strength, there are simple ways to create kids workouts that don’t feel like exercise. If you are looking to keep your kids active, then take a deep breath and think about what they enjoy. There are plenty of ideas that can become part of their routine and they will enjoy!

Does your family have a favorite kids workout exercise or routine? Feel free to share them with us on Facebook!