Father’s Day is around the corner, which means one thing. The #RelaxPlaySwim summer is in full gear. And you may be in need of some last minute gift and party planning ideas. Well, grills, grilling and grilled food go together with fathers like baseball and apple pie go together with summer. The best part is there are some easy grilling ideas that can impress friends and family.

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For some last minute gift ideas, then NAMCO has a solid selection of grills and assorted products that say “Thanks Dad.” For some Dads that are project oriented, then perhaps some quality time spent updating the landscape would provide some lasting memories. We might be wrong, but we think Dad has enough ties. This year consider a different type of homemade art project and help Dad cross some projects off the old to-do list. From all of our years giving terrible presents, then we learned one thing. Dads love to grill. We also learned Dads could use a little variation, so please find below some new foods and recipes to spice up Father’s Day and expand the family palette throughout the summer. Grills can be used to cook a variety of foods, but most people associate them with classic backyard party foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and steak. Here are some quick and simple grill ideas that will add some extra flavor to Father’s Day dinner. 1. Salad: Start off dinner with traditional salad, except prepare over the grill. Vegetables are a well-known grill favorite, so grill some lettuce or spinach to serve a take on a warm salad.


2. Grilled Bread with Pesto: Another great start to family dinner is a simple app that will look like you spent hours in preparation. Simply grill some bread until it becomes a bit crispy and add your favorite spread, like pesto!

grilled_bread_with_pesto Find more details on the pesto preparation at Food 52. 3. Avocados: One great summer food is the avocado. Simply slice a few avocados in half and place face down on the grill to serve a unique and tasty treat. For any homemade guacamole fans, then grilling the avocados may add some extra smoky flavor to the mix. Another great spread for that grilled bread as well. grilled_avocado Circle B Kitchen has more details on prep and cook time. 4. Salsa: Homemade salsa is usually a fan favorite. It may seem odd to use the grill, but this is a great way to cook and warm the tomatoes and peppers that make the salsa. Add the salsa to some grilled bread and create a take on bruschetta. grilled_salsa For preparation tips, then Food 52 provides the details. 5. Pizza: One of the most universal foods beloved by young and old, pizza can be made on a grill. To really go all out, then grill some of your favorite toppings to add a smoky flavor and extra texture. grilled_pizza For details on the recipe, then head over to All Recipes for more. 6. Lemon Kebabs: For a different take on the classic kebab, add some lemon to the assortment of meats and vegetables. The grill removes some of the acidity in the lemon to provide a refreshing flavor. grilled_lemon_kabobs Head over to 101 Cookbooks for more details on the recipe. 7. Quesadillas: Chicken and steak are fixtures on grills and in quesadillas, so a combination should be golden. Grill some chicken or meat to order, then cut them into smaller pieces. Assemble the quesadillas by adding some salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese (or any of your favorite toppings) and grill. Prep time can be done in advance since the grill will heat up the meat to serve warm. grilled_quesadilla Blog Chef provides the recipe information. 8. Jerk Bacon Wrapped Ribs: To really shake up the routine, add the bacon! That is usually a recipe for success for any food related item. Grilled bacon can be its own successful addition (plus the fat drips through the grill to make it a tad bit healthier). Although this recipe may not be as simple as some other ideas, it is worth the extra time. Jerk-Bacon-Wrapped-Ribs-5-of-16 Check out Grillin Fools for the details. 9. Lobster: A summertime favorite, lobster can be prepared over the grill as well. Add some smoky flavor by grilling for a few minutes on both sides. grilled_lobster For details on the cook times, then head over to Grill Girl for more information. 10. Ice Cream: A perfect way to end every summer dinner...ice cream! The combination of grilled ice cream and grilled fruits like peaches, bananas or pineapples is a real treat. Grilled peaches and ice cream dessert Head over to Cooking for the grilled ice cream instructions.
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