1. #RelaxPlaySwim Summer Celebration Photo Contest

    Get ready to #RelaxPlaySwim! We are introducing an awesome contest to reward you, our fans and customers! From Wednesday, May 13 to Sunday, June 14, the #RelaxPlaySwim contest will run.

    What is #RelaxPlaySwim? Summer is on its way and we want to celebrate and engage our customers in the summer spirit. Check out this example of our NAMCO friends embracing the #RelaxPlaySwim attitude. We’re channeling summer and we don’t care who knows it! The contest starts at your local NAMCO store, where you’ll find the NAMCO and #

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  2. 10 Unique and Easy Grilling Ideas

    Father’s Day is around the corner, which means one thing. The #RelaxPlaySwim summer is in full gear. And you may be in need of some last minute gift and party planning ideas. Well, grills, grilling and grilled food go together with fathers like baseball and apple pie go together with summer. The best part is there are some easy grilling ideas that can impress friends and family.

    NAMCO Grills

    For some last minute gift ideas, then NAMCO has a solid selection of grills and assorted products that say “Thanks Dad.” For some Dads that are project oriented, then perhaps some quality time spent Read more »
  3. 10 Ways We Know Its the Autumn Season

    Unfortunately, every year summer ends. The sun filled days and relaxing evenings end. The freedom to explore and adventure are replaced with work and school. As the calendar flips to the autumn season, then we remember, fall isn’t that bad.

    And don’t forgot about those leaves!

    From fabulous food to comfy clothes, there are plenty of things that we enjoy during the fall. Although the days are shorter and the temperature starts to drop, there are still excursions and tailgates that make the weekend's fun and interesting.

    How to Tell the Autumn Season is Here!

    To get excited about fall, remember all the ways we know it’s the autumn season and the things we can look

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  4. 11 Fun and Effective Pool Exercises

    With the rising temperatures, it makes it nearly impossible to resist the perfectly cool water in your pool! Take a dip in the water to relax, or even use a couple of these moves to burn some extra calories and tone up everywhere. You don't even have to swim to get these results. Here are 11 easy pool exercises to get started and enjoy a fun water workout!

    A few things to consider when doing swim workouts:

    • When in the water, your heart rate while exercising will be lower compared to doing land-based exercises.
    • Water aerobics allows for a greater range of motion, therefore, helping us with flexibility.
    • Because of the water's natural resistance, it helps us build greater muscle tone and endurance.

    As with any other exercise routine, make sure you get medical clearance from your healthcare provider before taking the plunge.

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  5. 11 Life Lessons We Learned from Dog Days of Summer Movies

    If the Dog Days of Summer teach us anything, then they teach us about staying cool. As the summer rolls along families enjoy vacation time together and create some lasting memories. At the same time, friends begin to gather and share their summer stories. All while trying to beat the heat. To continue the #RelaxPlaySwim summer mindset, there is still a great way to enjoy the summer with your most loves ones. dog_says_hi Enter the Dog Days of Summer Photo Contestfor a chance to win some NAMCO gift certificates. To join the fun, then simply submit a picture of your dog enjoying summer to Facebook (or Instagram or Twitter!) and include #namcodogdays for a chance to win. To increase

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  6. 13 Fun Graduation Party Ideas

    Summer is getting in gear, which means school is getting out and graduation season begins. Whether your kids, friends or family members are graduating from high school or college, there are some great ways to keep the atmosphere fun and feastive. From setting the ambiance and decor to providing foods and desserts for all ages, there are some simple and cost effective tips to celebrate your favorite graduate. Graduations are a time to celebrate. There are some great ways to plan ahead of the party so you can celebrate with your friends and family. Hosting parties can be stressful, but there are a few ways to reduce the burden and enhance the celebratory spirit. For starters, consider hosting a joint graduation party. For high school graduates, then there may be some neighbors that plan to host a party

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  7. 13 Kids Workout Ideas That Don’t Feel Like Exercise!

    How do you get your family to exercise? Simple, provide some fun activities that doesn’t seem like exercise. It may seem like a struggle to find kids workout ideas, but there is a simple trick.

    Don’t let the kids think they are exercising!

    Of course, the family swimming pool is a great way to trick your family into remaining active. After all, with all the laughing and splashing, nobody notices they are exercising!

    From the basics to the fun games, here are some kids workout ideas that will keep your family active!

    Basic Kids Workout Ideas

    One of the best ways to keep kids active is outdoor activities. In the summer, there are plenty of ways to remain active. From bike riding to outdoor games like basketball or badminton, there are

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  8. 13 Pool Care Tips to Save Time & Money

    During the summer months, there are so many activities to attend and chores to complete that we all want (and need) to find ways to save some time. As a pool owner, finding pool care tips that save time (and money) are essential to enjoying your summer.

    After all, time is of the essence and proper pool maintenance can be quite time consuming.

    To help, here are plenty of pool care tips that will help save you time (along with some money), so you can create some free moments relaxing by the pool!

    Pool Care Tips to Save Time

    Although we all want to live in the moment and enjoy that summer lifestyle, life happens! We still need to work in the summer and other commitments interfere with our desire to relax. For those of us that enjoy our pools, standard maintenance tasks can eat into

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  9. 17 Fun Fall Activities for Kids

    Fall is in full swing, which means plenty of fall activities for kids are in the works. Although we enjoy the fun in the sun that summer brings, fall provides some unique family fun. From the fall leaves and hayrides to the evening fire pits and Halloween prep, autumn offers families with plenty of excitement.

    Although the days are shorter and the temperature starts to drop, there are still excursions and tailgates that make the weekend’s fun and interesting. To get excited about fall, here are child friendly activities that offer plenty of family fun!

    Fall Activities for Kids that Unite the Family


    For many people, fall is their favorite season. Although, i

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  10. 18 Classic Movies that Make Summer Special

    Movies and summer bring out the kids in all of us! As families bond over summer vacations, parents get to relive previous trips during their youth. Kids begin to gather stories that they will share for years to come. Brothers and sisters grow closer in packed cars and road trips to National Parks and amusement parks. An all-time summer movie classic that captures the family trip is National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983). In fact, a remake of Vacation hits the theaters this weekend as well.

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