1. How to Close Your Above-Ground Pool for The Winter

    One of the most important things in owning a pool is protecting your investment. By taking the right steps to close your pool, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in the Spring, such as winter damage, which is not covered by warranty.

    1. Balance your chemicals

    You can visit your local Namco storewith a water sample for a free balancing test.

    2. Vacuum Debris

    Make sure it’s as clean as possible so in the Spring there is far less work to be done.

    3. Add Your Winter Chemicals

    After you finish vacuuming your pool and balancing your water chemistry, the next step is to add winter chemicals. First, shock your pool. Shock can be added based on the volume of water in your pool. Next, add Winterizer. This is added as a preventative for any algae growth. These chemicals will make your job easier in the spring time. When adding winter chemicals, make sure they run

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  2. How to Close Your Pool

    The start of the school year marks a transition for everyone. For some, it marks the start of preschool, high school or college. For others, it marks the start of an empty nest as the kids move out. And yet for those with pools, it marks the transition to the end of pool season. Although it is still hot and humid, it is not too early to check your supplies and winter pool covers and plan an upcoming weekend to close the pool for the winter. A pool is a large investment, so take the time to understand how to close your pool properly. Last year, we outlined the steps to close your above-ground pool for the winter. In addition, we provided the following video on the proper ways to winterize your pool.

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  3. How to Develop a Healthy Living Mindset

    Healthy living and a healthy mindset is pivotal to enjoying a long and satisfying life. During the summer, we are fortunate to enjoy the sunshine, freshly grown foods and ample family cookouts. The summer offers the foundation of healthy living.

    This all sounds good, but what is healthy living and why does it lead to a sustained and satisfying life?

    “A healthy body can prevent conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and help you maintain independence as you age. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn't be neglected. Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape.”

    But what are the other ways to develop a healthy living mindset?

    • Appreciate Yourself
    • Set Aside Time for Daily Rituals
    • Keep in
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  4. How to Host the Perfect Backyard Movie Night

    There is something magical about sitting under the stars while watching some stars. As the heat and humidity fade along with the sun, the summer nights start to shine. Watching a movie outside in the backyard is a great way to #RelaxPlaySwim and enjoy time with friends and family. Backyard movie nights are fairly easy to set up and can help save some money.

    With movie tickets at the current prices, it can be pretty costly to take a small family to the movies on a Friday or Saturday night. If movies are the preferred way to beat the heat, then check out some money saving tips to watch some free movies or find cheap tickets. Thanks to Penny Hoarder and Coupon Clipinista for the tips.

    In addition to movies in the backyard, many towns take advantage

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  5. How to Open your Pool for the Summer

    The temperature is steadily rising and the days are getting longer, which means summer is rapidly approaching. Here at NAMCO, we live in pool season year long, so we are very excited to provide a guide on how to open a pool for the summer.

    As you plan to open your pool, then there are a few things to do as preparation to save time and energy once you start the process. Opening a pool is an annual occurrence (for those living in the Northeast), so it is a great time to conduct an annual check up on your supplies and equipment. Like taking care of most things, conducting preventative maintenance on your pool will help save money over the long term.

    Plus, if anything needs to be fixed or replaced, then it is good to know at the beginning of the season.

    Prep Work and Preventative Maintenance

    First, consult your pool owner’s manual for exact specifications or variations. However, the general preventative measures should b

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  6. How to Protect Your Skin and Hair from the Effects of Chlorine

    Have you been melting off the calories in your pool this summer? Swimming is a great, low-impact, and total body workout. It’s fun, relaxing, and keeps you fit and healthy. But the chlorine used to keep out harmful bacteria from the pool water can also strip your hair and skin of its natural oils. This can cause dry skin, brittle hair. How do you keep working on your swimmer physique while also maintaining beautiful skin and hair? With a couple easy steps, you can prevent and treat the effects of chlorine on your body.

    Protect Your Hair Before You Swim

    Dry hair will absorb chlorine directly into the hair shaft, but wet hair will slow down its absorption. Wet your hair and add an oil or silicone-based hair product like conditioner, serum or coconut oil. This will act as a barrier to the chlorine without leaving a residue in the water. Consider a swim cap.Not the most fashionable, b

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    New Ownership Passionate About Revitalizing Namco Name In Community.

    Looking for an expert on pool installation, maintenance or care? Need a location for a photo or video shoot?

    From the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs to family swim safety, Namco’s team of talented specialists are a great source for insight, year-round.

    Media Contact

    Suzy Kendrick


    New Namco Press Release - Click To Read

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  8. Is Anyone Ready for Summer?

    Have you noticed the increasing sunlight over the last few weeks? That’s right, the days are longer, which means one thing...

    Summer is around the corner.

    The New England winter has been truly one for the ages. As widely reported, the winter weather wreaked havoc across the eastern seaboard. From the record cold in Connecticut to blizzards in Massachusetts, communities were dreaming of anything but another storm.

    In fact, Connecticut broke some records, however, it was not the Lady Huskies this winter, it was Mother Nature. As widely reported by the Hartford Courant, the month of February was record-setting:

    The Connecticut cold bit down hard with a Groundhog Day snow storm and held fast t
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  9. Looking for Family Friendly Fun? Try the Daffodil Festival!

    Spring has finally sprung and if you’re excited to get outside and have some fun with the family, we have some great ideas to share! If you are looking for a weekend activity, look no further than the Meriden Daffodil Festival in Hubbard Park. In its 37th year, the Festival offers something for everyone. From musical acts to over 100 local crafters, you are bound to have a good time while enjoying the sunshine. There are tons of great activities for the kids, too. Perhaps your child has always wanted to try their hand at fishing? Then head straight over to the Children’s Fishing Derby and cast a line to reel in some fish! Who knows, you might even win a prize! If your child needs more action, then sign them up for the Hubbard Park 5k

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  10. Mom with cancer gets special gift from Namco

    ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) - When Milford mom, Karen O’Neil was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer last year, she knew she wanted to focus on having fun with her family.

    O’Neil had a dream of having her own pool so her family could have some joy and relaxation during her chemotherapy sessions.

    So she took a leap of faith and wrote a heartfelt letter to Mark Scott the President and CEO of Namco Pools, hoping he could help her out.

    And a little help is what she got.

    O’Neil didn’t realize when she wrote to Scott that he, too, had faced down cancer with his family. Scott’s wife passed away from breast cancer in 2013 and he knew he had to reach out to the O’Neil family.

    Just before this summer, Namco gave the family their very own Morada Pool, the company’s top seller.

    Click here to view the video

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