1. 7 Habits for Healthy Kids

    As the sunlight continues to linger later each day, we are thankful that summer is on the horizon. The official start of summer is not until the summer solstice on June 21, but we all know that our favorite season really gets under way with some other tell-tale signs.

    How do we know?

    First and foremost, we mark our calendars for Memorial Day weekend every year to signal that summer is here. Afterall, following Memorial Day, we start to count down the numbers of days left in school and our personal calendars start to fill up graduation parties, family cookouts and get-togethers that will keep our summers busy.

    What are the other tell-tale signs that mark the start of summer?

    # 1 Fire Up the Grill



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  2. 7 Kids Songs for the Summer

    As the summer rolls on, friends and families are gathering for all sorts of events. Stories and memories are being made over family dinners and outdoor barbeques. Friends discuss times gone by and plans for the rest of the summer. All the while, music is playing in background. If the radio is playing, then there are probably some standard summer hits (for an interesting listen, then NPR produced the Manufacturing the Song of the Summer). Radio songs are generally family friendly, but not kid songs. So what about kids songs? Where are the summer hits for kids? Summer music tends to turn all fans into music lovers where everyone starts to sing-along to their favorite songs. For some parents, choosing the best songs

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  3. How to Open your Pool for the Summer

    The temperature is steadily rising and the days are getting longer, which means summer is rapidly approaching. Here at NAMCO, we live in pool season year long, so we are very excited to provide a guide on how to open a pool for the summer.

    As you plan to open your pool, then there are a few things to do as preparation to save time and energy once you start the process. Opening a pool is an annual occurrence (for those living in the Northeast), so it is a great time to conduct an annual check up on your supplies and equipment. Like taking care of most things, conducting preventative maintenance on your pool will help save money over the long term.

    Plus, if anything needs to be fixed or replaced, then it is good to know at the beginning of the season.

    Prep Work and Preventative Maintenance

    First, consult your pool owner’s manual for exact specifications or variations. However, the general preventative measures should b

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  4. Poolside Dip + Other Healthy Snacks

    If you #RelaxPlaySwim to the fullest this summer, then you and your family will get pretty hungry. Thanks to Blair Lonergan and The Seasoned Mom for working with us and providing some great family friendly and healthy snacks that are great poolside. This is a sponsored post from NAMCO.

    When school is out and the sun is shining, there’s no place that my boys would rather be than splashing in a cool swimming pool! But all of that exercise and fresh air makes for some very hungry kids. That’s why I’m sharing this easy recipe for a sweet, fluffy Poolside Fruit Dip, plus a few other simple Healthy Snacks for Kids. These fun, delicious, and nutritious treats will fuel your little ones through any play date, pool party, or picnic on your summer schedule!

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  5. Survey Says Summer Music Memories

    Summer is exciting. Summer is fun. Summer is the season of memories. Think about your childhood and growing up. How many of your favorite stories happen during the summer? If you are like us, then many of your cherished childhood memories happen during the summer. The summer is about freedom and independence, after all, there isn’t any school. The summer is about music and memories.

    There are a ton of great ways to enjoy summer and all that great music. We don’t have all the answers, so we went out looking for help. We wanted to know what does summer mean without music?

    The answer was a resounding, summer music is about memories. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some summer classics as we stroll through memory lane and our favorite summer music stories.

    Perhaps the reason summer music is awesome because it provides a soundtrack for nostalgia...back to a simpler life.

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  6. The Best Pool Products to Buy in the Fall

    Labor Day weekend typically marks the “official” end to summer. For those of us that love summer, then there is no end in sight to enjoying that summer mindset. However, as the temperatures start to drop and we think about pool winterization, now is a great time to stock up on pool products.

    As the pool offseason approaches, then it is time to shop for pool winterization products, along with goodies for next summer!

    the end of summer doesn't mean the end of pool products

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  7. The Best Ways To Enjoy Summer Music

    It’s time to celebrate. Let’s celebrate summer and celebrate Independence Day. As the 4th of July holiday weekend is upon us, this is a great time to sit back and relax with friends and family. The 4th is one of those classic summer weekends, complete with BBQs and cookouts that lead to stories and memories that may last a lifetime. Backyards across the country are filled with friends sharing laughs and enjoying the sun while kids are simply being kids.

    Patriotic Girl Celebrating

    If you are hosting the celebration this weekend, then check out some simple ways to keep the party easy going and everyone enjoying the day in The Ult

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  8. 7 Pool Party Ideas You Never Thought Of

    Here at Namco, we're all about at-home fun! A backyard pool gives you and your family endless hours of entertainment, all summer long. But you can also utilize your outdoor poolscape to entertain friends, throw kid's parties, or enjoy a romantic evening with your spouse. Adding a few simple decorations and party favors can take your at-home party from drab to fab in no time. Here are 7 unique ideas you can use to make your next party simply... unforgettable!

    1. Faires in a Jar

    These will glow in the dark for 6-9 hours. Hang them from trees or surround your pool for a magical night swim. [caption id="attachment_2367" align="alignnone" width="400"]


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  9. 7 Steps to a Great Hot Tub Party

    What is better than sitting back and relaxing outdoors with friends and family? Doing so in a hot tub! Whether you are looking to host a family BBQ or a party for your friends and neighbors, here are some tips to ensure your hot tub party is one to remember: The Guest List While spending time in the hot tub can be a lot of fun, you need to make sure that you invite people who will click well with each other. A hot tub is a small, confined space so you do not want to risk inviting too many people or people who won’t enjoy each other’s company. Remember, children and anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease should generally limit their time in a hot tub. Prepare Your Hot Tub There is nothing worse than feeling stressed out trying to get things ready when your guests are there. The point of a hot tub party is to enjoy visiting with your friends or family and get some much-needed relaxation. Make sure you do any cleaning well in advance and tim

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  10. Mom with cancer gets special gift from Namco

    ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) - When Milford mom, Karen O’Neil was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer last year, she knew she wanted to focus on having fun with her family.

    O’Neil had a dream of having her own pool so her family could have some joy and relaxation during her chemotherapy sessions.

    So she took a leap of faith and wrote a heartfelt letter to Mark Scott the President and CEO of Namco Pools, hoping he could help her out.

    And a little help is what she got.

    O’Neil didn’t realize when she wrote to Scott that he, too, had faced down cancer with his family. Scott’s wife passed away from breast cancer in 2013 and he knew he had to reach out to the O’Neil family.

    Just before this summer, Namco gave the family their very own Morada Pool, the company’s top seller.

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