1. 5 Steps To Protect Your Hair & Skin From The Damaging Effects of Chlorine

    Everybody loves to swim, especially when it's hot out! It is one of the most popular summer activities for all ages. There are so many things you can do in the pool, whether it’s for a quick dip, playing some pool games or even swimming some laps. The one thing that’s not great about the pool is the damaging effects of chlorine.

    Namco also offers the Salt & Swim ABG, a salt water system that will produce soft, silky water without the harsh effects of chlorine. The Salt & Swim ABG will produce the equivalent of 155lbs of chlorine over it’s lifespan and will save you up to 50% on your seasonal chlorine costs. CLICK HERE to learn more.

    Steps to Limit the Damaging Effects of Chlorine

    Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria in your pool. Not only does this kill all of the germs

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  2. Behind the Scenes at the NAMCO Commercial Video Shoot

    We kicked off the season with a brand new TV commercial on NAMCO's new line of pool accessories, patio sets, filters and pumps, and more! The kids on set had a great time playing foosball and ping pong in the NAMCO game room, but were slightly disappointed at not being able to take a dip! Next time you need to get your water tested or stock up on chemicals - bring the kids! [gallery link="none" columns="2" ids="2280,2281,2282,2283"]

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  3. Exotic hot tubs from around the world!

    Need some inspiration for your dream home ‪#‎spa‬? You don't need to travel to experience this kind of relaxation and luxury. Check out these exotic hot tubs from around the world and visit to start your ‪#‎staycation‬ today! Click here to view spas from around the world.

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  4. How to Beat the Heat and Get in Shape

    The summer heat takes its toll. Occasionally, the heat causes us to be slightly lethargic and it is tough to get going. It is difficult to get motivated and stick to our exercise plans. During the summer heat, it is easy to stay inside and simply stay cool. Heck, we even recommended some ideas to beat the heat. However, to maintain the #RelaxPlaySwim mindset, then finding ways to get off the couch and remain active is an important component to living a well-balanced life. Just keep in mind a few helpful tips to prevent heat-related sickness because heat exhaustion is serious. The CDC provides some general tips to stay safe while exercising

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  5. How to Close Your Pool

    The start of the school year marks a transition for everyone. For some, it marks the start of preschool, high school or college. For others, it marks the start of an empty nest as the kids move out. And yet for those with pools, it marks the transition to the end of pool season. Although it is still hot and humid, it is not too early to check your supplies and winter pool covers and plan an upcoming weekend to close the pool for the winter. A pool is a large investment, so take the time to understand how to close your pool properly. Last year, we outlined the steps to close your above-ground pool for the winter. In addition, we provided the following video on the proper ways to winterize your pool.

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  6. How to Develop a Healthy Living Mindset

    Healthy living and a healthy mindset is pivotal to enjoying a long and satisfying life. During the summer, we are fortunate to enjoy the sunshine, freshly grown foods and ample family cookouts. The summer offers the foundation of healthy living.

    This all sounds good, but what is healthy living and why does it lead to a sustained and satisfying life?

    “A healthy body can prevent conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and help you maintain independence as you age. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn't be neglected. Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape.”

    But what are the other ways to develop a healthy living mindset?

    • Appreciate Yourself
    • Set Aside Time for Daily Rituals
    • Keep in
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  7. 5 Tips to Throwing a Great Pool Party

    A pool party is the perfect way to cool off during the hot summer months. With Memorial Day approaching, it’s a great time to celebrate with friends and family by the pool. Pool parties can be fun, but slightly overwhelming because there are so many details involved. Here are 5 ways that you can host a better pool party, without any of the hassle.

    1. Make Sure Your Pool is in Perfect Shape

    A week or so before your party, test everything pool related, such as lights, jets, and the filter. Ensure that the pH and chlorine levels are adjusted and keep in mind that a chlorine residual of 3.0 is perfect. The morning of the party, skim the pool to get rid of excess debris. Plus, take a look around the pool for possible trip hazards like excess patio/furniture, which should be moved from the pool deck to allow easy access to the pool.

    [caption id="attachment_3956" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

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  8. 9 Earth Day Activities for Kids

    The amount of eco-friendly and do-it-yourself (DIY) activities there are to enjoy is as limitless as your imagination. The world is filled with adventure, and it starts in your own backyard. As Albert Einstein said,

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    In honor of Earth Day, here are our 9 favorite kid-friendly, eco-friendly activities that will spur the imagination of children everywhere...regardless of your actual age. 1. Make Homemade Art Supplies: There are very simple ways to keep the creative juices flowing throughout the summer that also help the environment. Many art supplies, which are typically purchased at the store, can be made in the kitchen. This helps teach children about recycling and also saves some money. Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover

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  9. How to Host the Perfect Backyard Movie Night

    There is something magical about sitting under the stars while watching some stars. As the heat and humidity fade along with the sun, the summer nights start to shine. Watching a movie outside in the backyard is a great way to #RelaxPlaySwim and enjoy time with friends and family. Backyard movie nights are fairly easy to set up and can help save some money.

    With movie tickets at the current prices, it can be pretty costly to take a small family to the movies on a Friday or Saturday night. If movies are the preferred way to beat the heat, then check out some money saving tips to watch some free movies or find cheap tickets. Thanks to Penny Hoarder and Coupon Clipinista for the tips.

    In addition to movies in the backyard, many towns take advantage

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  10. 5 Ways to Mark the Start of Summer

    As the sunlight continues to linger later each day, we are thankful that summer is on the horizon. The official start of summer is not until the summer solstice on June 21, but we all know that our favorite season really gets under way with some other tell-tale signs.

    How do we know?

    First and foremost, we mark our calendars for Memorial Day weekend every year to signal that summer is here. Afterall, following Memorial Day, we start to count down the numbers of days left in school and our personal calendars start to fill up graduation parties, family cookouts and get-togethers that will keep our summers busy.

    What are the other tell-tale signs that mark the start of summer?

    # 1 Fire Up the Grill



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