1. Namco Pool Protection Plan

    The Namco Pool Protection Plan provides 100% full coverage on all parts and labor for you Namco bought/installed swimming pool.

    Namco pools already come with a standard limited manufacturer’s warranty - that only covers parts, and in most cases is pro-related.

    The Namco Pool Protection Plan covers the parts IN FULL, and more importantly the labor to fix or repair your pool.

    The Namco Pool Protection Plan provides coverage that extends the to the equipment package purchased with the pool components: pool frame, liner, skimmer, ladder, filter.

    Namco Pool Protection Plan

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  2. How to Fight Cloudy Pool Water

    How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

    Picture this: You’ve got on your brand-new Marvel’s Avengers bathing suit. You spent the last 20 minutes lathering in sunscreen and blowing up your favorite float- you know the one- the finest float out there, perfect for summer naps and floating relaxation. So, as I said, you’ve got your favorite giant pink flamingo float in arm and get ready to walk up the steps into your pool... except you realize you can no longer see the pool floor. Instead, you see a never-ending cloudy haze of blue. You’ve met one of summer fun’s worst enemies, coming in #2 right after thunder storms: Cloudy Pool Water.

    How do you battle this common pool foe?

    First, Know the Causes of Cloudy Pool Water:

    There are several catalysts for cloudy pool water, but first it’s helpful to know a bit of the pool chemistry behind keeping your water crystal clear. Clear pool water is all a game of balancing pool chemicals. The goal is to keep

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    New Ownership Passionate About Revitalizing Namco Name In Community.

    Looking for an expert on pool installation, maintenance or care? Need a location for a photo or video shoot?

    From the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs to family swim safety, Namco’s team of talented specialists are a great source for insight, year-round.

    Media Contact

    Suzy Kendrick


    New Namco Press Release - Click To Read

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  4. Why Summer Rules!

    We love summer!

    Summer is a time for friends, family and fun. The sunshine on our faces, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the company of loved ones make summer a great time of year.

    There are so many things that make summer special. From our general state in this season that creates so many stories and memories, there is a reason we all love summer.

    How do we know?

    First and foremost, we mark our calendars for Memorial Day weekend every year to signal that summer is here. After all, we open our pools, and start to countdown the numbers of days left in school, while looking ahead to the graduation parties, family cookouts and get-togethers that will keep our summers busy.

    But don’t take our word for it.

    We scoured the web to find why other people love summer. The reasons are clear, from the general f

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  5. The Best 47 Summer Things To Get Excited About Summer!

    The classics never go out of style. And summer is one of the classics. From the first splash and smell of sunblock to picking up new sunglasses and listening to your favorite jams, there are plenty classic summer things that mean excitement is around the corner.

    As children, we all anxiously counted down to the end of school and start of summer. We couldn’t wait until we could spend our mornings sleeping and afternoons by the pool.

    As adults, we still love the summer. We look forward to long lunch breaks with the sun in our face and weekends with our feet in the pool and kids running around the yard.

    From neighborly barbecues to lazy days, summer simply has too much to offer. Fortunately, there are plenty of summer things that remind us of our youth, keep the kids occupied or simply let us forgot about life and enjoy the moment!

    Summer Things that Remind You of Childhood

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  6. The Top 10 Summer Essentials for Families

     As we patiently wait for the weather to warm up, we look forward to summer while planning our trips, parties and other summer essentials. Every year, we eagerly anticipate the holiday barbeques and friends-and-family gatherings for cookouts and outdoor summer activities like hiking and swimming. To make the most of summer, it takes a little planning. After all, between graduations, vacations and other celebrations, our calendars fill up quickly and we miss out on the best part of summer...relaxation.

    Here are some summer essentials that families can use to help plan out activities, parties and other get-togethers!

    1. Summer Fashion

    As the temperature rises, we reach into our closets and find our summer clothes. The essential summer fashion trends include cool and loose clothes made from linen or lightweight cotton are perfect for a nice summer breeze.

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  7. Looking for Family Friendly Fun? Try the Daffodil Festival!

    Spring has finally sprung and if you’re excited to get outside and have some fun with the family, we have some great ideas to share! If you are looking for a weekend activity, look no further than the Meriden Daffodil Festival in Hubbard Park. In its 37th year, the Festival offers something for everyone. From musical acts to over 100 local crafters, you are bound to have a good time while enjoying the sunshine. There are tons of great activities for the kids, too. Perhaps your child has always wanted to try their hand at fishing? Then head straight over to the Children’s Fishing Derby and cast a line to reel in some fish! Who knows, you might even win a prize! If your child needs more action, then sign them up for the Hubbard Park 5k

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  8. Guide to Opening Your Pool

    It’s mid June and the sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and you still haven’t picked up something for Father’s Day! Well, with the right gift you and your father can enjoy the outdoors this weekend and every weekend for months and years to come. We’ve put together some suggestions for fun and functional gifts that will give your father more quality time in the backyard with family and friends. Polaris Pool Cleaners Is your dad the “pool cleaner”? If so, it’s time to look at an automatic pool cleaner instead! Whether you’re purchasing a new cleaner, or looking for an upgrade, your pool cleaner is the ultimate gift this Father’s Day. Not only will automatic pool cleaners improve water quality, they do so in a matter of hours. They also reduce long term maintenance by preventing the build up of dirt and debris, which protects your pool’s filtration system. Polaris offers a range of cleaners like the Polaris 280 pressure si

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  9. Proper Pool Maintenance to Keep Your Summer Sanity!

    Summer is soon to be in full swing. Friends and families are gathering around backyards to have some fun in the sun. As cookouts and parties hit full stride and the summer heat starts to take its toll, families gather around pools to cool off and relax. If you are one of those families, you know that proper pool care is vital to enjoy summer!

    Pools are now open and everyone is enjoying refreshing entertainment. However, as a pool owner, you want to get the most out of your investment. Proper maintenance and pool care will improve the life and appearance of your pool.


    Proper Pool Maintenance Helps Keep Your Summer Sanity

    We may want to relax and enjoy our pools, but keep in mind that improper maintenance can cause the swimming pool to be a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Plus, improper

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  10. 10 Ways We Know Its the Autumn Season

    Unfortunately, every year summer ends. The sun filled days and relaxing evenings end. The freedom to explore and adventure are replaced with work and school. As the calendar flips to the autumn season, then we remember, fall isn’t that bad.

    And don’t forgot about those leaves!

    From fabulous food to comfy clothes, there are plenty of things that we enjoy during the fall. Although the days are shorter and the temperature starts to drop, there are still excursions and tailgates that make the weekend's fun and interesting.

    How to Tell the Autumn Season is Here!

    To get excited about fall, remember all the ways we know it’s the autumn season and the things we can look

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