9 Simple Last Minute Memorial Day Ideas to Kick Off Summer

Summer is finally here and we think it will be worth the wait. After enduring a lackluster spring season, Memorial Day weekend is finally here, which means…summer!

From the annual family vacation to relaxing in the yard, every family has their own list of summer essentials. However, the one common summer essential we all share is the desire to relax!

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming barbeques and gatherings, we want to make the most out of summer. So get started this weekend and take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday!

Memorial Day Party Planning Tips

Did summer sneak up on you this year?

Don’t worry because it’s never too late to gather your friends and family in order to throw a quick Memorial Day party. Keep it simple, fire up the grill and take advantage of a few party planning tips that will make your guests think you’ve been planning all year!

  • Stars and Stripes Mason Jars

Keep your guests in the holiday spirit with this simple star spangled decorative tip to hold your utensils.

  • DIY Bug Repellant

If summer snuck up on you, then you may not have bug repellant in your home. No time to run to the store, no problem because you can make this DIY Natural Bug Repellent at home.

  • Decorative Candles

Do you have any old drinking glasses that are taking up space in the cabinet? Turn them into candle holders with stickers, rolls or sticky stars. Plus, these candles will keep your party going into the night (and are useful for some other summer holidays!).

Memorial Day Snacks

Every successful party offers some great food to their guests. Well, grills, grilling and grilled food go together with summer like baseball and apple pie. The best part is there are some easy grilling ideas that can impress friends and family. In addition to grilled dishes, there are some nice and easy Memorial Day snacks.

  • Grilled Pizza

Beside hot dogs and hamburgers, the next best American food pastime is pizza. To really go all out, then grill some of your favorite toppings to add a smoky flavor and extra texture.

  • Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake bites are a great combination of deliciousness with a snack-sized dessert portion. These Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Bites are quick and easy to prepare. Plus, they create a nice Memorial Day vibe.

  • Patriotic Layered Lemon Cake

To really give the appearance that you planned all winter for your Memorial Day party, then prepare this simple Layered Lemon Cream Cake. Plus, the flag layered cake makes a great centerpiece on any Memorial Day dessert table!

Memorial Day Activities

No Memorial Day party is complete without some family fun! From sitting poolside to relaxing under the sun, there are some simple ways to keep everyone entertained.

  • Pool Games

Traditionally, pools open up for the season every Memorial Day weekend. As we all cross our fingers for the weekend weather, we look forward to spending some time in the pool to really embrace summer. From family treasure hunt to pool basketball, there are limitless ways to enjoy your pool!

  • Yard Games

Yard games are great for everyone because there are so many different types of games that children and adults of all ages can play. From croquet and bocce to badminton and volleyball, then there is a yard game that fits any energy level.

  • Music and Meditation

No summer party is complete without some music. From classic summer songs to the new hits from 2017, create a playlist that will set the mood for your Memorial Day party. And before the mayhem, find some time to relax!

From gathering with friends and family to food and fun, Memorial Day kicks off a sensational season. At Namco, we embrace summer and the benefits of family fun (it helps that people like pools!).

How do you kick off summer?

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