8 Trends for Outdoor Living in 2018

Outdoor living spaces are coming into their own. This year’s trends have homeowners paying the same care and attention when furnishing their decks and patios as they do with their living rooms and kitchens.

The summer of 2018 is the year of the “outdoor room” and here are eight trends for outdoor entertainers:

1. Fire Pits

A fire pit is a natural gathering place that brings people together outdoors. As a hot day turns to a cold night, the warmth and glow of a fire creates a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Fire pits can also extend your patio season into the early autumn and late spring.

Fire pits are available to fit any budget and they come in a variety of models to fit with rustic, or modern designs.

2. Pillows

Larger, cozier, cushions worthy of the living room are making their way outside. The added comfort that pillows bring help create an outdoor space that you can lounge in all day. Outdoor pillows do have to contend with the elements though, so consider storing them indoors at night and replacing them every few years.

3. New Furniture Design

Remember your parent’s old wicker furniture? Well, single material furniture like wicker is out. 2018’s furniture is made from multiple materials. More complex furniture has design detailing, which lends itself well to carefully designed outdoor living spaces.

4. Bold Colors

Reds, purples, and yellows pop against the greens of nature. If you’d like something a little more neutral go for browns or navies but consider livening your design up with colorful accessories.

5. Ceiling Fans

A hot enough day can have you retreating to the air conditioner inside, but if you have space to install a ceiling fan, you can make your backyard more liveable. The right fan can keep you comfortable, while also adding style through attractive designs.

6. Table Space

A quality dining set can bring the family feel of the dinner table to your backyard and is a must when entertaining guests. Adding a few side tables next to lounge chairs will also make your guests feel at home and give you a more casual place to lay out drinks and snacks.

7. Matching Dishware

It’s the accessories that will tie your outdoor room together. Quality dishware that matches the colour scheme of your outdoor décor will contribute to the overall feel of your outdoor space. Disposable cups and plates are easier to contend with, but create unnecessary waste and detract from your space’s aesthetic.

8. Outdoor Rug

A nice outdoor rug will complete that “outdoor room” feel and quality fabric adds a comfortable place for bare feet.

With a few additions you can elevate your deck or patio to a true “outdoor room”. Entertain your guests with a barbecue, or just good conversation in a space that brings the feeling of the indoors, outdoors.

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