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As the sunlight continues to linger later each day, we are thankful that summer is on the horizon. The official start of summer is not until the summer solstice on June 21, but we all know that our favorite season really gets under way with some other tell-tale signs.

How do we know?

First and foremost, we mark our calendars for Memorial Day weekend every year to signal that summer is here. Afterall, following Memorial Day, we start to count down the numbers of days left in school and our personal calendars start to fill up graduation parties, family cookouts and get-togethers that will keep our summers busy.

What are the other tell-tale signs that mark the start of summer?

# 1 Fire Up the Grill



You start to smell that smokey grill aroma across the neighborhood. From hamburgers and hot dogs to chicken and steak, families start to grill dinner at night.

In the coldness of winter (and our prolongated spring), the grills are kept under cover, waiting their turn to shine. Now, as the sun lights the night sky, we have time to relax after work, fire up the grill and prepare a family dinner that signals the start of summer!

#2 Radio Stations Start to Play Summer Music


Another tell-tale sign that summer is here is the radio. One of best ways to get in the summer mood is music and radio stations (both real and online) start to play those classic summer jams that signal the start of summer!

From listening to your favorite songs in the car with the windows down to installing an outdoor speaker system, music surrounds us every summer.


Music provides a backdrop to our lives. Music plays on our family vacations and roadtrips. Music plays by the swimming pool and on the patio during dinner. Yes, classic summer music means summer is here.

Plus, for those families and friends that are music junkies, music can spur vacations and weekend getaways. Music festivals, some of which are kid friendly, occur basically every weekend throughout New England.

Are you thinking about a musical excursion with your family? If so, be sure that you enjoy:

  • discovering new tunes.
  • have kids of various ages.
  • can tolerate a little dust and a lot of sun.
  • enjoy a laid-back vibe.

#3 Pool Time


Does anything mark the start of summer more than opening the family pool?

We might be biased, but we think summer starts once the pool opens. For a quick recap on how to open your pool, here are the takeaways.

  • Prep the Pool
  • Check the Pool Supplies
  • Uncover the Pool
  • Remove Plugs & Accessories
  • Connect Pool Equipment
  • Remove Debris & Fill the Pool
  • Turn on Filtration System
  • Shock the Pool
  • Test & Balance the Pool Water

To ensure your pool is safe and sound for the summer, remember to test and balance the pool water. For more information regarding the correct levels and a downloadable spreadsheet, check out this resource from the NAMCO Pool School.

If there are any questions regarding the safety of your pool water, bring in your test strips to your local NAMCO store for some assistance.

And once the pool is open, it is time to REWARD reward yourself will some fun swimming pool games!

#4 Family Vacation Plans

The family vacation is a rite of passage that kids remember throughout their lives. From day trips to the beach to long road trips to visit family, families that play together frequently stay together.

Vacation is more than spending quality time together, our annual trips create memories that parents and children take with us and share with our friends and family. Whether your family takes a “routine” trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa or a special trip to Disney is in store, the act of togetherness will create the atmosphere to grow together.

And don’t forget that summer weather provides a vacation atmosphere in our very own backyards. If a Staycation is in the cards this year, then rest assured that you will create the same family bonding and atmosphere (all from the comforts of home!).

#5 Blockbuster Movies Start Playing


The summer blockbuster movie is part of Hollywood that marks the start of summer. From kids classics like Cars and Finding Nemo to action movies like Speed and Pirate of the Caribbean, movies are part of summer.

Movies not only entertain, but also allow us to beat the heat in a nice air conditioned theater, while teaching some valuable lessons. However, another way to beat the heat (and save some money) is host your own backyard movie night.


Backyard movie night is an easy way to enjoy a summer evening and gather friends from around the neighborhood to watch a summer classic. It is a pretty easy setup and allows the kids to sit mesmerized by the screen for a couple of hours.

How do you mark the start of summer?

From the first splash to the last evening dip, summer is a fantastic season filled with plenty of fun with family and friends. Summer is our happy place and we encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the sun!

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