20 Kids Fitness Activities for Summer

It is summertime and the living is easy. We all love the easy going summer lifestyle, but for some parents out there, we worry about our kids and want to ensure they are getting enough exercise. Fortunately, the summer weather provides plenty of reasons to get outside and find some kids fitness activities that will keep everyone active this summer!

Kids Fitness Activities for the Family

Summer is a great time for family bonding. As part of that bonding then consider some family fitness activities. Nothing creates bonding like teamwork and working together to stay in shape.

  • Pre or Post Dinner Walks – Add a family stroll into your daily schedule this summer. Either before or after dinner will help keep the walk and exercise on your mind. Plus, if you have a dog, make this a family activity.
  • TV Time – Embrace the fitness goal and make up silly names for exercises like squats, push-ups or sit-ups. If you watch TV together, then pick an exercise for each commercial break. If you stream shows together, then do a couple of exercises between shows!
  • Charity Walk/Run – In addition to the daily exercise the training will provide, signing up for a family walk/run for charity will help instill some community spirit.
  • Yard Work – Multi-task this summer and have everyone in the family help with the yard work. Again, this work contribute to a family bonding experience. Plus, it will make the work more fun!
  • Gardening – Kids are great at digging up dirt, so let them turn over the soil and help you plant new bulbs. As an added benefit, if you plant some vegetables, you can enjoy the “fruits of your labor” later this summer!

Kids Fitness Activities in the Yard

Encourage the kids to get off the couch and play outside in the yard or a nearby park this summer to remain active. Summer weather is perfect for pretending you are your favorite athlete or riding your bike through the neighborhood.

  • Sports – From basketball (in the pool or in the driveway) to wiffle ball or baseball, playing ball in the yard is an activity that stands the test of time.
  • Yard Games – From croquet and bocce to badminton and volleyball, then there is a yard game that fits any kids’ energy level. Yard games great for everyone because there are so many different types of games that children and adults of all ages can play.
  • Bicycling or Skating – Biking or roller skating (even skateboarding if your kids are skilled) around the neighborhood or in the local school parking lot can consume kids’ attention and energy. Plus, in the summer, these locations should be empty and provide lots of fun-filled exercise during the day.
  • Frisbee – Depending on the age of your child, frisbee is a great fitness activity. For younger kids, then it is perfect to let them run and chase the ‘bee all over the yard.
  • Swimming – Summer simply would not be complete without some swimming. If you don’t have a pool, then there is always the local community pool or more likely, some friends, neighbors or family members that would be willing to let the kids swim.

Kids Fitness Activities in the Pool

In addition to swimming, which is a great way to remain active, the pool provides some water-based exercises. Plus, water aerobics allow for a greater range of motion, which helps with flexibility and due to the natural resistance, these exercises help build greater muscle tone and endurance.

  • The Blender – In the water, quickly swing your right leg forward. Pause, then pull your leg back against the current to the starting position. Next, swing leg to the side, and back. Remember to rotate your legs after reps!
  • The Helicopter – A way to increase your heart rate by squatting in the water. Once your thighs are parallel to the pool floor, then jump up and “jog” vigorously.
  • Shuffle Slides – To tone your inner and outer thighs, shuffle side to side from one side of the pool to the other. Keep your movements smooth, and remember to keep breathing!
  • Bicycle – Lean your back against the side of the pool, with arms outstretched at the edge. Quickly kick your legs at the surface of the water.
  • Crunches – From the bicycle position, extend your legs, keeping your feet together. Pull both of your knees into your chest. Return to starting position, and repeat.

Kids Fitness Activities in the Home


Of course, there are a few rainy days every summer. Plus, those heat waves that mean the kids shouldn’t be outside for an extended period of time. Beyond the standard arts and crafts, here are some great indoor kids fitness activities.

  • Balloon Bouncing and Balloon Volleyball – Balloons are a great to keep kids active and engaged. From simply blowing up a few balloons and trying not to let them touch the floor to a game of volleyball over the couch, the balloon is a simple toy and solution to stay active.
  • Bean Bag Toss – Adapt the family cookout favorite game “bags” into an indoor activity by having the kids toss bean bags into paper bags. Plus, if you don’t have bean bags laying around, then crumple up some newspaper or old magazines.
  • Simon Says – This classic game might be the first game ever invented by a parent hoping to contain some of their children’s never-ending energy supply. Plus, add a creative shot with Funny Faces Simon Says.
  • Build a Fort or Playhouse – Another classic activity that is great from kids that enjoy hands on activities.
  • Dance Party – Simply turn on the radio and have a dance party to entertain the kids, while staying active!

From jump rope and other gymnastics related activities to wheelbarrow or other races, there are plenty of ways to stay active inside your home this summer.

Do you have any favorite kids fitness activities? Feel free to share them with us on Facebook!

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