Platinum 15x30 Oval Winter Cover

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FREE SHIPPING! Buy a Winter Cover with a Winter Kit and get a free cover drainer and winch. A $30 value.

Model Number: PLT 1530

Item: Platinum 15x30 Oval Winter Cover - ONLY


A vinyl top layer, dense mesh interior and vinyl bottom layer will not allow water or light to pass through the cover, giving you exceptional protection at an affordable price.

Lap Welded Seams:

Seams are Heat-Welded and fused together for added strength making the cover much stronger than one with stitched seams which can deteriorate more quickly. Our Pro-Rated warranty guarantees against seam separation for 12 years.

8x8 Scrim:

This is the number of threads per square inch in the interior layer of the cover. The higher the number, the stronger the cover. 8x8 offers excellent strength

40 Micron Filaments:

40 Micron Filaments are very thick when combined with the 8x8 scrim. They create a highly durable cover capable of holding up to 64 times its own weight.

Light Tested to -60 Fahrenheit:

At a certain point below freezing, most covers will begin to separate slightly allowing small amounts of light through. Our 3-in-One covers have all been tested -60F which means no algae when you uncover next year. *

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