Billiard tables have been bringing families and friends together for generations. Whether you have a love for the game or are a beginner, Namco billiard tables provide hours of entertainment. Our billiard tables offer styles that are adaptable to an individual’s preference. Namco offers a variety of style billiard tables from your traditional recreational room billiard table to your designer Heirloom billiard table. We have a billiard table to fit any décor.

There are four important factors in purchasing a billiard table. Those factors are Playability, Quality/ Strength, Furniture and Value/Price. All of our billiard tables are BCA (Billiards Congress of America) approved and are built to tournament specifications. Our billiard tables have heavy duty cross and center beams that provide optimum support and strength. Features such as uni-body construction and leather shield pockets can be seen on our billiard tables. Queen Anne and Post style legs are shown on our billiard tables. Unique subtle accents to bold, beautiful designs and finishes are seen on the billiard tables and can be passed on for generations. Namco has the highest quality billiard tables at the best prices.

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